Samsung PC Share Manager

Allows for DLNA use with specific television sets.

Operating system: Windows

Release: Samsung PC Share Manager 4.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This is a tool and utility allowing you to share and broadcast personal computer items such as images, movies, videos or music directly to your Samsung TV set. The application is simple and easy to use for both beginning and advanced users, allowing both to get excellent and pleasant results.


  • Designed to work with Samsung: Samsung television sets are some of the most popular consumer televisions on the market. Take advantage of the crisp clarity of the Samsung screen by broadcasting computer information on it.
  • Excellent Media Share: It doesn't matter if you are wanting to display your recent photos from a vacation trip, or if you are debuting a home movie made by your daughter, this is a perfect software solution. It is capable of loading music or playlists as well, so you can curate entertainment for hours to come.
  • Easy to use Graphical Interface: The screen is position into a two-part system, the left side will display folders and menu, and the right side shows selected items. This design allows beginning or advanced users to complete control over their experience. 
  • Perfect for all computers: Any 64 bit or 32-bit system is capable of running Samsung PC Manager. It is said to work with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and even Windows Vista.
  • Frustration-Free - Because it is made by Samsung, for Samsung you know this is going to work the first time and every time.

Samsung PC Share Manager allows you the user to control your media and entertainment experience. Step away from commercials and tired cable content, and explore your own creativity. This product works seamlessly with Samsung Televisions. So if you're ready to put the power of your personal computer behind your television, then PC Share Manager is the software for you. 

This is a trusted share content application.
James Ngu
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The software is very convenient as it allows users to have a Smart TV to share files from their PC. The interface seems easy to use, and the quality is good. However, it seems as though other software have this ability and are able to do this with more ease. I would look into other products to compare.
Finlay Cazares
This app is very easy to use compared to others that take pages of reading to figure out. It easily makes a way to share different types of content on a PC computer with a Samsung Tv. Give it a try, you wont be disappointed.
Samsung PC share manager for Windows is a software for editing and transferring files and apps from the Samsung software it's a great multi-platform to transfer files from different types of programs
Samsung PC Share Manager for Windows is an excellent way to share files between all of your devices. You can store clips and files from all your favorite games share them freely with the touch of a button. If you are tech-savvy, this will be excellent!
Samsung PC Share Manager for Windows is a free-to-download official transfer software for Samsung devices. Files can easily be transferred from Windows PC to Samsung devices via a wireless or wired connection. This application is particularly useful for Samsung mobile devices, allowing users to transfer images and sound files with ease. Overall the Samsung PC Share Manager for Windows is an easy to use Samsung transfer app for most Windows PCs.
The Samsung PC Share Manager is a software used to share or transfer files between personal computers and the smart tv. Streaming files can be done using the DLNA technology . The files are audio files video files and image files all these are viewed in the tv after sharing. all these formats of files are supported. Every type of files is managed through this software and is easily manageable.Samsung provides this to us as their original software. By clicking the share button itself helps to share the files quickly. This application can run in operating systems Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7,Windows Vista, and also XP. Can be accessible through mobile also.
These days people have a lot of media content on their PC that sometimes they would like to watch on their TV as well. There wasn't an easy to way to do this in the past but now with the Samsung PC share Manager this can be easily achieved once the application is installed on your PC. The application works as a media server that lets you stream content on your Samsung TV from the Samsung PC share manager. There is no need for a lengthy HDMI cable attachment as at times that isn't possible and takes up time and space. Watching movies directly from PC on your TV is going to be so easy so download the application today.
I love using Samsung PC Share Manager for Windows because this program makes it easy to move my files from one Samsung device to another, without compromising the quality of my original files at all. It's impressive how the quality is retained no mater how many times I make a transfer. I also appreciate how quickly this program works to get me my files on my requested device.
From reading the introduction on it’s website, I have not heard of this product as I do not have Samsung TV. I use HD software to connect my laptop or IPad with my cable. Samsung PC manager seems similar as it enables users to watch from their PC what’s available in their Samsung TV or any DLNA media they can hook up to. This will make it convenient to watch shows from my PC when I cannot watch them on TV. However, it looks like this only works with PC and android. There was no mention of the product working in Apple iOS which I think is a huge miss.
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