by Slaviana soft Ltd.

A software tool to search text in multiple files

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Slaviana soft Ltd.

Release : SeekFast 4.5

Antivirus check: passed

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You want to find data about a topic but you don’t know which file contains it. So you try to manually check the contents of each file. The search becomes more complex when you have hundreds of documents and files on your computer. To tackle this problem, some software developers decided to make a solution and SeekFast was released in 2008.

SeekFast is a powerful software that acts as a text search engine. It can search any text from thousands of files on a PC. This is useful for those who are used to the searching facilities that are provided on cloud storage and want to have the same feature on their PC.


Making a search engine box is not enough as a lot of other things are required to make the tool user-friendly. This is why SeekFast has a lot of useful features.

SeekFast is a search engine for text that supports all common file types.
  • Most relevant results are displayed on top.
  • SeekFast can be opened on File Explorer, which is a default file browser on Windows.
  • Result files are presented as clickable.
  • Larger parts of texts, that appear as search results, can be viewed without opening the document.
  • The searched text is highlighted in red.
  • The content surrounding the highlighted color is shown to provide context.
  • Its full version supports text searches from thousands of documents.
  • Can search from documents of different file types such as PDF, XLS, HTML, TXT, DOC, ODT, and many others.
  • SeekFast can be downloaded directly through the original website.

SeekFast is shareware and offers a free version. But it’s not like any other free trial because you can use it unlimited times. It also has the same functionalities as the paid version, but users are limited to searching 50 files at once—but it is still useful compared to other software. The full version allows you to search text from 1,000,000 files and also offers updates and support via email.

The structure behind SeekFast is similar to popular search engines. This means SeekFast does not do that indexing. In simple words, it does not make a database of all files which makes the process faster. Because of advanced features like this, SeekFast is used by more than 150,000 users from around the world.

Windows operating system required
At least 512 MB RAM
200 MB free disk space
Support for TXT, PHP, HTML, RTF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, CSV, ODT, ODS, ODP, PDF file formats

Supports extensive array of file formats.
Offers advanced fast search algorithm.
Allows customizable search settings.

Interface may be confusing for novice users.
Occasional slowdowns during complex searches.
Lacks an in-app preview feature.
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