by Shark-Media

Universal program for automating the service center (workshop) and / or shop

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Shark-Media

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ServiceMY is a universal program that allows you to automate a service center or shop. Has a simple, intuitive and friendly interface, which is easy to understand.

ServiceMY uses the database on mySQL server for its work. This database is created automatically, once and directly from the program. It is possible to work both locally and via the Internet.

- Workshops: acceptance/repair/delivery/search/return/reports/written refusal sheet/warranty card/debt/wage for craftsmen, etc.; Parts: arrival/use/exchange/order/write-off/return/report, etc;

- Used: purchase/sale/preliminary evaluation/guarantee/archive search/return/reports, etc;

- Shop: arrival/sales/receipt/return/price lists/labels/reports/movements between points, etc;

- Price list: view/print/edit/import from Excel/ currency converter, etc;

- directories: typical faults/permanent customers/blacklists/IMEI model/suppliers, etc;

- automatic detection of the equipment brand by serial number, flexible document templates (rtf format);

- barcode support in the receipt and price lists;

- working with an unlimited number of points in a single database;

- each copy of the program can be corrected as a point with its own ID;

- System control by users and priorities;

- import/export from/to Excel. (export to HTML);

- database editor: Notes, Planner, Chartservice;

- automatic database backup and possibility to restore it from *. SQL-file;

- Access differentiation with the possibility of setting privileges;

- charting;

- work both in the local network and via the Internet (the database on the MySQL server is required);

and a lot of other possibilities.

I do a lot of shopping and really needed something like ServiceMY but never knew that this existed until recently. It makes all those repetitive tasks easy. With just one click I can do a lot of my monthly shopping tasks.
If i had many printing needs, I would definitely use this product. Ink refills purchase from a variety of outlets never seem to work correctly. Either the ink is smudged or the print never comes out as clear as print from an original ink cartridge. This product sounds like it could help resolve this issue.
ServiceMy is a program which can simulate a business. The automated process is easy to run when the program is installed. Installing the program takes just a little bit of time. Windows OS is perfect for ServiceMy, so give it a chance. Many people find that it suits their business needs. That is why the program has been widely used along the way. The program was recently introduced to the user base.
ServiceMY for windows is a software that allows one to be able to automate a service or a repair of their system without visiting a service shop. The software is free to download from the internet and has an easy user friendly interface to enable one to be able to use the software well. The software is compatible with various windows such as windows 7,8 and 10 with a 32 bit or 64 bit operating system. The software can also be updated once a new software has been released.
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