by Vladimir Kim

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Vladimir Kim

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.93462

VerseQ is a keyboard simulator, which, according to the developers, is fundamentally different from all others. Mainly, it is efficient, and in an hour you can type blindly. After 5-15 hours of work with the simulator, you can print at a speed of 200-350 characters per minute. VerseQ is effective regardless of age, character or gender. When you work with VerseQ, you don't feel any psychological discomfort, on the contrary, working with the program even relaxes you. The most difficult period of work on this simulator is the first hour, it will be easier and easier. It should be noted that the program methodology does not include a standard study of individual rows of keys (average FYVAPROLJE, etc.). Once you open the program and start the first lesson, you type the words consisting of letters in all rows. At the bottom there is a model of keyboard with a scheme of pressing keys with one or another finger.

The program generates a random but phonetically related sequence of symbols based on the semantic model of the language. At the same time, the algorithm of VerseQ allows you to vary the probability of appearance of different letters in the generated string without any phonetic connection problems.

William (unverified)
The verse q is a musical software that was designed and tested by Vladimir Kim. The Verse Q is a software that takes time to mastered after of hours of commitment. The Verse Q is a highly favorable musical software and specialize to the perfection of its users.
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