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English Grammar In Use is a very good program for learning English, but it was written in 1994 and was designed for the DOS operating system. It can be run in Windows using one of the DOS emulators, but this is just below.

The program is done very well. It contains 130 lessons (Units), which cover the full course of English grammar. Each lesson has a theoretical and practical part. In theory, everything is quite clear, all on examples. After learning the theory, you move on to practical exercises, where you need to enter answer choices in specific fields. Immediately after entering the word (or combination of words), you will receive a message about whether you wrote it correctly or not (bottom right, finger up or down). You've got a few tries, after which the program will give you a hint. The number of attempts, as well as some other parameters, can be configured in a special program SETUP.EXE. The file of the English Grammar In Use program itself is called E_GR.EXE - it should be run.

After starting, you will see the first Unit. There are control buttons at the bottom. To select Unit-a, press the Unit button or press F2 on the keyboard. Here you can enter the lesson number or go to the table of contents and select the desired lesson there. Use the "Pg Up" and "Pg Dn" buttons at the bottom right to scroll up and down the page. Once you press the button, you make the page move up or down, pressing the same button for the second time will stop the page. In general, the programme will be useful both for self-study and for use by teachers to teach students in computer rooms.

It is unlikely that you have a DOS operating system at home or in a computer classroom of an educational institution, so now we will consider the easiest way to run the program in Windows through the DOS emulator. We used DOSBox emulator and D.O.G. graphical shell for this emulator. You need to download both and install them on your computer. DOSBox works on all versions of Windows up to Windows 7, so English Grammar In Use will work on any Windows computer.

After we have installed both components, we need to run D.O.G. and in the first window select the DOSBox executable file, i.e. go to the folder where you installed the emulator, and select the DOSBox.exe file. Next we write any name and version. Now we see the D.O.G. interface, which is linked to the DOSBox emulator (see screenshots on the right). In the D.O.G. window we need to drag and drop the E_GR.EXE and SETUP.EXE files. As mentioned above, SETUP.EXE is used to configure the program, and if you do not plan to change the default settings, you can SETUP.EXE not to run and, accordingly, not to add to the list of D.O.G. Now to run one of the added files, you need to select it, and press Enter on the keyboard. In general, the procedure is not easy, but then you only need to run D.O.G. and run English Grammar In Use from it.

A fantastic program for learning English Grammar. It has multiple lessons, each covering theory and practice. First you learn the theory and then you move onto answering questions covering English use in a practical setting of what you've just learned. This helps deepen your understanding and gives you confidence to use what you've just learned in the real world away from the computer.
English Grammar in use is a legacy product that has been around since the dos days of old. With the rise of payable products like gramarly, let us not forget the tools that came before them. EGinU is a classic grammar tool used to teach and reinforce the grammar lessons of Engish in 130 exercises. This is then followed up with some applicable questions to test and engrave what was learned. Each lesson seeks out both the Maguyver and the Plato sides of our minds by including both the usefulness of the skill and the abstract theories of the idea. Looking for a free version of Gramarly? Look NO further then English Grammar in Use. Download your copy today. Download includes Dos Box and D.O.G. emulator and complimentary download instructions to give you step by step help.
this is for:softradar.com English Grammar In Use for Windows 10. This is software that you can use to collect and save info on your family, namely there location, moves, and activities. You can add photos, videos and audio. It is secure, and you can share it with family and friends. You can edit it at any time. It is also connected to Google Earth, so you can track your relatives
It seems to be a very good and beneficial piece of software to allow people to learn English at their own personal time and pace. This should in turn allow for the best results and learning one can ask for.
"Designed for the DOS operating system", This program contains 130 lessons (units) and covers the full coarse of English grammar
It is helpful in learning grammar easily. It is available in our hand through smartphones, laptop or tablets which is very helpful to study from anywhere. This helps to increase our grammar knowledge. It has many exercises and shows the correct answers so we don't want to search for the correct results. There are some audio clips in teaching which is useful .
English grammar in use is the world's best online platform for learners. It comes in the form of application. It gives good explanations for all the things you search for. It have 100+ grammar units from the book and have interactive sessions for applying what you have learnt. Audio lessons helps you to improve your listening skills and also helps to improve your grammar.
English grammar in the use of windows will detect mistakes and helps to express the user's wish perfectly. This software is one of the best grammar-checking tools on the market. This helps in fixing punctuations and errors and improves our language by word choice. This software will provide AI writing assistance and improve users' language. Eliminate and delete grammar errors. This provides users with mistake-free text and helps the users to speak and express themselves effectively.
I love using English Grammar In Use for Windows because it's the perfect tool to help me improve upon my language skills. It's great for foreign language learners but equally useful for native speakers who just want to brush up on their skills, especially if you're going back to school after a long hiatus. The program makes it genuinely fun to learn grammar.
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