by Microfast

Editing and play audio files using various sound source

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Microfast

Release: SynthFont 1.730

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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SynthFont is a program for editing and playing audio files using various sound source.  SynthFont has both a paid and free version.  With SynthFont you do not need a specific sound card installed on your computer. It is actually so simple that doesn't even need a sound card, which makes the oldest of computers still valuable.  


  • Multiple different types of instruments can also be used instead of a sound source file.   Unlike MP3, SnythFont reads notes and instructions for how to play them – almost like sheet music.  
  • SynthFont has an easy to use and understand interface, you have the option to create playlists just like you would see on Spotify or iTunes.  Further, you can search within files and folders to find the MIDI files.  You can also look at MIDI data in a visual format, you can see the notes in which the system is instructed to play and make changes directly in the file.  
  • SynthFont also allows you to view data in the traditional text form, editing and finding data is especially easy since everything is stored in a table.  You can easily edit the data directly in the table.
  • With SynthFont you can “plug and play” and look at MIDI tracks and change several different parameters on how it is played.  You can change all the effects on the track and turn something familiar into something new.

SynthFont is easy to use and understand tool for making music and editing MIDI files to get a particular sound.  You do not even need to save the file in order to listen to it, which saves time and helps version control.  While it does take some experience in getting the sound just right, SynthFont makes playing MIDI files and later modifying them easy. SynthFont is a comprehensive tool that has a lot of great online tutorials that makes it easy to create audio files.

SynthFont is an easy to use and understand tool for making music and editing MIDI files to get a particular sound.
SynthFont is a useful tool that allows users with new or old computers to create and modify music without the need for a sound card. There are different instruments that can be used for various musical effects. Music can be viewed in a text format, which is useful for quick editing. SynthFont is easy to use and to understand!
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Owen Word
SynthFont allows the user to edit audio data and is a free sound editor. It can change values for generations and copy instruments and presets. You can render the data differently to the original and so it can be used effectively as some creative software to create music, songs, and albums even if it is only for certain editing sequences.
synthFont software for windows method in used. The synthfont was free available as trialware on the software, and used for 30 days and next used monthly fees get the amount and used the software.
synthfont is audio software. it is midi file converter and synthesizer. its heavily used in countries like us and italy. its required less space than other audio software
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