by Nir Sofer

Software for Windows that lists shell extensions for your computer PC

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Nir Sofer

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Last revision: Last week

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This is a software that lets you view detailed information about shell extensions on your PC. It also makes it easy for you to enable and disable these shell extensions. This gives you more management over the shell extensions as well as important information about them. It also extends the capability of your computer. This is very important because Windows usually automatically installs all of the needed shells, but sometimes you need to do this manually. That's where ShellExView comes in. It makes it so easy to do these tasks. ShellExView is a necessary tool to complete your PC software library.


  • Make it super simple to enable or disable shell extensions on your PC, and it does it fast.
  • It works on almost all versions of Windows, so you don't have to worry about it not working on your operating system.
  • It can be used to solve complex problems that come with installing software with compatibility issues.
  • This will help to install additional shell components to your PC using the best software methods.
  • ShellExView is a stand-alone program, which means that there is nothing to install. You just run the EXE program.
  • Perfect for solving context menu problems in an Explorer Environment on your PC.

In a world where not everyone knows how to do complicated PC shell edits or even how to enable or disable them, ShellExView takes these problems and simplifies them. If you are having issues in an Explorer environment, then ShellExView may be the answer you are looking for.

It lets you easily enable or disable shell extensions more than any other program

Use Windows 98-Windows 10.

  • This will NOT work in anything older than Windows 98. For example, this program will NOT work in Windows 95.
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This software seems useful to those who can get a grip on it. Recommended for PC users, It is is nice that it is a stand alone software and there is nothing to install. It is a software easy to you in your PC.
This program is excellent for viewing and modifying which extensions are installed on your system. With the addition of extensions, one can extend and boost the performance of the user's device. This program is for Windows is excellent for quickly allowing users to enable or disable various COM extensions.
Andrew Mccallister
Shell ex view is easy to use for something that before this has been complicated. This has easily extended the abilities of my operating system for in-process COM objects. It easily displays the shell extensions you have on your computer and its takes just a click disable and enable each shell extension.
As a developer I have a number of products installed that add right click "context" menus. Many of these are very useful but a large number of them are not. Some products make it easy to identify these and uninstall them but many do not. Having an application like ShellExView is great because I can easily identify, modify or disable menu items that I may not need, want or do not behave in a manner that I find productive.
ShellExView is a small free program that displays a list of all components that extend the shell of the Microsoft Windows operating system. The ShellExView program provides the user with a lot of useful information, as well as the ability to disable and enable individual components. For example, during installation, the WinZip archiver changes the context menu of the system precisely by installing a shell extension. ShellExView allows you to view information on installed extensions, as well as block them. On the website of the program developers, there is a localization file for the all main languages.
The ShellEx View for Windows is the perfect product that I've been seeking for! I love that it works on ANY version of Windows. This product allows for pain free and easy disabling and enabling of shell extensions. This product is very straight forward and easy to use, which is important for someone like me who is not a computer genius. Though it is straight forward, there is great complexity in this product, which is why it is so great and is able to carry out the tasks it is. This product saves an immense amount of time, highly recommend to anyone who wants to make their life easier!
I downloaded ShellExView for my computer yesterday. It has enable/disable option that allows to disable and enable the Shell components on computer. I liked it more. They also provinding report option for reporting any errors or queries on it. It can also be translating to other languages. ShellExView Has many versions so we can use it in any windows easily.
Shell Extensions are an in-process that extends abilities of Windows operating system. Shellexview is a free tool that quickly disables/enables/remove shell context menus, it's a deep-configuration tool for Windows. It does not need to be installed. It comes color coded to easily distinguish non Windows Shell extensions or suspicious ones. With ShellExview you cannot add new context-menu, only deactivate existing ones. It would be a recommended program if you have problems with your window's menu extension.
The ShellEx View for Windows is commonly used to execute the Shell Extensions files on your Windows and it has lots of menu items to Enable or Disable files with Shell Extensions on your Windows. I have been using this software for since 2 years and will strongly recommend others to use it and it also saves much time to find the path of every file on my system.
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