by Microsoft

Lists all the active processes on your PC and prevents you from being hacked

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Microsoft

Release: TCPView 3.05

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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TCP is a program that is used to show different window listings, it basically shows all the programs that are on the windows computer. A great thing about a TCP is if one is listening to music, the computer will mention it, so you are able to cut the music. it shows any active processes on the computer, whether it's listening to music, browsing the internet, and viewing pictures. You can view all the programs that are running and that is something one really appreciates about TCP viewer.


  • Shows local addresses and their endpoints, which also means one can see someones IP address if they try to come and crash their computer.
  • Comes with remote access and that remote access is what you use to find the different addresses offered
  • Also known as a task manager, which is where you can view any active processes on your computer
  • Displays all your connections, so you also know what is going on on your computer, and make sure you don't get hacked, because you will have your eyes on everything that is going on, on your computers.

A TCP viewer is basically a task manager that one uses on their computer, it lists all the running connections, and makes sure one is safe from things like black and white hat hacking. What also surprised me about the TCP, is the fact that one can have remote access which means you can find different local IP addresses that are connected to you and helps you view the active processes on your computer. I like how you can see the local endpoints and prevents people from crashing your computer.TCP viewer is one of Windows greatest accomplishments, and I think it is a program that will remain a long time, if other servers don't come, or if it does not lose its relevancy.

You are less likely to get hacked because you know all that is going on, on your computer.

Have a windows operating systems computer

all windows computers come with it, so no need to install the software

TCPView 2.4 (0.28 MB)
TCPView 3.05 (0.28 MB)
Will Leung
This is a powerful tool. I am able to quickly scan the available local addresses on the network. The interface is dead simple to use. I wish there were more analytics functions and history. What is also strange is that you are able to use the task manager to view local processes on your computer.
sam dow
You are less likely to get hacked because you know all that is going on, on your computer.
This software is highly easy to use. Easy to set up and definitely very useful every day. I will definitely be using it again and would HIGHLY recommend it to everyone! This product has helped me save so much time and effort. The download time was very short and the setup time was short as well. I am very happy about this product!
Oscar Womack
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TCPView for Windows is a program whose intent is to demonstrate the detailed listings of all TDP/UDP endpoints in the system. In certain operating systems, the program also contains a feature which provides the name of the endpoint owner. The program can be considered a subset of the Windows native Netstat program and it downloads Tcpvcon, which is a version of the program in command-line, which effects the same functions. Essentially, the program's best feature is its error tracking, but is rather lackluster in other areas.
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