SHOUTcast Server

by NullSoft

Allows for the hosting of the station on Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: NullSoft

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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It is not an easy task to create your own radio station, but there are utilities with the help of which you can broadcast to the whole network in a couple of minutes. SHOUTcast Server allows you to create your own Internet radio station quickly, easily and without leaving your home. SHOUTcast DNAS audio server, in contrast to the clumsy hardware-software radio broadcasting complexes, has a number of undeniable advantages.

The powerful and functional SHOUTcast server is quick to learn and does not require additional costs. Its developer is the famous company Nullsoft (Winamp), which produces products that are traditionally distinguished by simplicity, convenience and clear focus on the tasks of real users. To start streaming your radio you only need three things: Winamp, the SHOUTcast DSP Plug-In plugin for Winamp and the SHOUTcast DNAS server itself. If the basic functionality is not enough, you can use the "Configuration Builder" utility included in the package. In addition to the standard mode, in which all optimal settings, advanced users can use the "advanced" mode. Remember that after configuring the desired parameters, the server must be restarted.

SHOUTcast DNAS is a complete, optimized solution that contains everything you need to keep your online radio station running efficiently. Tens of thousands of radio stations owe their appearance to the SHOUTcast software package. Create a radio station of your dreams, broadcast unique playlists, share your musical tastes and passions with the whole world, and a free SHOUTcast audio server will help you do it!

- the radio station's easy to deploy;

- easy to learn;

- clear, friendly management;

- flexibility and scalability, one server can broadcast multiple radio stations;

- the possibility of streaming to both the local network and the Internet;

- cross-platform;

- Full support for popular mp3 and AAC audio formats;

- Reliability and security, access to the server can be protected with a password;

- the ability to listen to your music anywhere on the planet where there is an internet and a computer or an Android/iOS gadget;

- Ability to configure the port, number of streams, bitrate (quality) of streaming audio and much more.

Casey Kasem, Ryan Seacrest....YOU! How many kids thought to one day be on the radio with their very own show. Now it is no longer a dream but can become a reality with SHOUTcast Server. Not only can the radio station reach a local network but you can expand your horizons to the internet. All you need are 3 easy steps to start your radio station. Easy install and then it is up to you on who you entertain.