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SimpleMind is one of the most popular tools for creating mental maps (Mind Maps). Creating mental maps is a fairly common method of structuring data and is often used when working on complex projects, in corporate brainstorming and in education. Simply put, these are diagrams with individual themes and links that can be created using any graphical editor, such as the same Paint. But it is much more convenient to use specialized solutions for this purpose, which is SimpleMind.

The program includes a convenient theme and link editor, allows you to use the ready-made templates to create maps, offers a wide range of font styles and themes of color design. There is also an extensive library of icons in the program to help visualize topics that belong to the same category or have similar meanings. The editor is designed so that the user can easily create mental maps in real time during the same brainstorming session. You can also create a map in advance and save it on any storage medium in PNG, HTML and PDF formats. SimpleMind supports tight integration with Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive cloud storage. Thanks to this, maps can be easily shared with other users working on the project.

SimpleMind allows you to create projects of any complexity, offers a convenient menu for setting up visual parameters and a built-in inspector of object management on the map.

- allows you to create mental maps (Mind Maps) of any complexity;

- makes it easy to get in touch with any topic in a few clicks;

- offers ready-made templates and visual styles to create maps;

- includes a convenient object inspector;

- The ready maps can be saved in PNG, HTML and PDF formats;

- integrates with Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive cloud storage.

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Simple mind is intuitive in it's simplest use case. It has plenty of advanced features, but unlike MS Word they are invisible until used. A great tutorial and help site binds it all together. One thing I found a problem is like many touch - enabled apps, certain functionality is less discoverable. Other than that I completely loved using this software.
Aidan Lundien
SimpleMind is a visual mapping and brainstorming tool that helps users organize their thoughts and ideas in an intuitive, visual way. It enables users to create mind maps, which are diagrams consisting of circles, lines, and other shapes connected to each other to represent ideas, tasks, and other items. SimpleMind offers a wide range of features to help users customize and organize their mind maps, including color, shape, and size customization, as well as tools for linking, sorting, and exporting.
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