by Mark Watkins

An open-source sleep tracking software used to treat sleep apnea

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Mark Watkins

Release : SleepyHead 1

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If you’re a doctor or healthcare professional, you might find it frustrating to visit multiple patients in different locations. For this reason, SleepyHead is exclusively built to assist you in patient evaluation. This software has a straightforward working principle that allows you to view statistics and analyze data taken from CPAP or similar machines. 

The best thing about SleepyHead is that it offers high integration with respiratory devices such as Philips Respironics System One Machines, ResMed S9 CPAP machines, or Contec CMS50 Oximeters. By obtaining data from these machines, you can track the sleep patterns of patients and solve breathing issues like sleep apnea. 


SleepyHead provides great convenience to doctors in evaluating data from various CPAP devices so they can treat patients with a higher accuracy.

  • A free software used by healthcare professionals to download and visualize data from different CPAP machines. 
  • It is highly effective in the treatment of sleep disorders like apnea and transfers the data to other devices as well. 
  • When analyzing a person's sleep activity, you can view daily reports that will show intricate details about the total number of hours he slept and other information. 
  • From the main user interface, you can gain access to multiple features including a statistical analysis of patient’s data. 
  • It includes numerous details about the unusual respiratory events and determines if there are any noticeable changes in the body. 
  • It helps in the interpretation and treatment of people suffering from sleep disorders so they can manage their sleep activity and understand things in a better way. 


To run SleepyHead, you have to first transfer data from a CPAP machine via a storage device. The transferred information will then help you track a person's sleep patterns. To do so, you can insert a memory card or simply connect the device to your laptop or computer. Once done, the files will be imported to the software. 

This program works in a simple way and does not demand complex system requirements. From the main window, you can see daily reports, pressure, or flow rates. Plus, the overview tab will help you analyze the patient’s body more comprehensively. Use it now to get rid of sleep disorders. 

Requires a compatible CPAP device for data tracking.
Operating System: Windows, MacOS, or Linux.
Requires a USB port for data transfer.
A minimum 512MB of RAM is recommended.

Supports multiple devices from leading CPAP manufacturers.
Offers detailed analysis of sleep and respiratory data.
User-friendly interface and easy data interpretation.

Software interface not intuitive for all users.
No direct support for troubleshooting issues.
Limited compatibility with certain CPAP devices.
An open-source password-retrieval program, using many different methods
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