SlimBrowser Portable

by FlashPeak Inc.

A browser for users to have a safe and fast browsing experience without the worry about user privacy

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: FlashPeak Inc.

Release: SlimBrowser Portable 8.00.005

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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SlimBrowser Portable is a beautiful, free Windows software program that serves as a fast and very secure browser. It has several nice features included in its interface and is very appealing. It is fast, simple to use, lightweight, and does not cloud out the cache. It is perfect as an alternative to other browsers such as Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and others, which may not make the user always feel secure in their online browsing experience.

It keeps you from having to worry about having your internet activity tracked, especially when doing tasks related to finances and other things that involve your social security number. It comes with a built-in popup blocker, and this keeps ads from popping up at your every move. There is an ad blocker, and this keeps your experience ad-free, and the best part about both of these things is that they are both built-in.

It is much more intriguing than the standard browser because the interface looks better than those of other browsers, and it also has the option to import bookmarks from other browsers, among other functions such as having a simple and advanced auto-form filler for when you are filling out information.

It’s extremely fast and has no lag when using it, and to keep your experience very private, it recommended you even pair it up with a VPN, so your activity is untrackable. I would recommend this to anyone that wants to customize their browsers and other apps, as this lets your browser stand out and does not make it annoying when you personalize it. It seems a lot simpler than other standard browsers such as Explorer, Windows Explorer, and Chrome.

I like to use it because it is custom as opposed to the standard one, and sometimes videos in Chrome fail to load, while in this browser, all videos and other content load smoothly without issue. Not only that, but one of the best features is the download manager that comes built into its interface. This download manager boosts your download speed twelvefold, and so you won’t be sitting and waiting for downloads to lag like you would with Chrome and other browsers.

I would recommend this to anyone that wants to have a reliable browser that is custom and not of the standard installation. I will definitely be using this as one of my primary browsers because it seems to be innovative, and the download manager really works it for me.

Has a Download manager in the interface which boosts download speeds 12x

  • Fast download and installation
  • Simple and elegant interface
  • Download manager to boost download speeds 12X
  • Import bookmarks from Chrome and other browsers
  • Reliable and very fast to use, also secure
SlimBrowser is of Mozilla firefox based, the portable SlimBrowser is user friendly and the loading speed is extremely fast as it uses very low CPU and RAM. SlimBrowser can be easily moved to a USB flash drive so that it can be used on any computer. This software provides a comfortable and clean interface to work without any pop-up and ads. The software provides other features like build-in download manager, set master password, bookmark import, current webpage capture frame, spell check ,language translation, and many other features.
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