SlimCleaner Free

by Slimware Utilities Holdings

Increase program response time, space. Decrease unwanted programs

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Slimware Utilities Holdings

Release: SlimCleaner Free

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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SlimWare Utilities Simple Cleaner Free sets the optimal settings for the users PC using aggregated dated from its user base. There are even badge rewards if you contribute accurate information back to the community. In as way Slim Cleaner is like a social network and utility that does a good job cleaning OSs full of unwanted software.


  • Use the clean feature to remove problematic files when keeping the good ones
  • Use the optimize feature to organize how your programs open and rate programs
  • Increase the performance of your system (higher Gookbenchscore/boot time)
  • Schedule tune-up sessions

SimCleaner has an easy to read interface with a "pleasant" color scheme. Has many tab options for different features including Cleaner, Optimize, Software, Browsers, Disk Tools, Windows Tools, and Hijack Log. SlimCleaner also displays the PC's operating system, CPU, and GPU information.

Tunes you PC to have better performance using crowd sourced information

The Cleaner area is a section that contains tabs for Windows, Applications, Browsers, Advanced, and Registry. Using the Analyze button will make the program search and return a list of problems. Using the Clean button gets rid of problem files and web cookies but preserves log-in cookies.

The Optimize option lets you choose which programs boot at launch and rate programs. It even warns you if you are about to remove software that is well rated by the community. In order to use this feature, you must be connected to the internet.

After optimizations, one review reported noticeable improvements to opening common programs like iTunes and Steam.

One review stated that they didn't like how Slim Cleaner sometimes opens a secondary window when you choose an option. states that the pros are "Powerful tune-up abilities. Free." You can also schedule tune-up sessions and use browser clean-up/search engine selection tools.

Cons "Can't uninstall multiple applications at once" Apparently you can't delete multiple duplicated files and once. Also, the web connection isn't liked

Holistically SlimCleaner is free and has effective features while incorporating innovated social features. Good for people who want to keep things cheap.

Developed by Gold Microsoft Martner

Paided version: SlimCleaner Plus ($29.97)

Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8 PCs

Jon Stewart
The Sim Cleaner Free software looks like it would be quite beneficial for window pc users. The softare seems reliable as it uses crowd sourcing as a means to better its product description. The only downsides to this software are single application deletion. For a paid version of 30 dollars the consumer really needs to question what type if product they are getting for their money.
Fast, good interface, installation is quick. Offer multiple options for cleaning your PC. Free software and does not take much space in you HDD
SlimCleaner allows users to quickly remove unneeded files that are slowing down their PC. The software draws on feedback from the community to help users determine which applications are worth keeping, and to choose startups and services that will optimize the performance of their PC. SlimCleaner offers a quick and easy way for users to check for updates for programs they have installed and allows users to download these updates from inside the SlimCleaner app. SlimCleaner also helps keep the system safe by scanning for applications that could be posing a danger to the PC.
It's important to make sure your computer does not get cluttered and SlimCleaner is one of the best cleaning software out there. It's very lightweight not taking up too much space and does an efficient job of removing junk and faulty files to boost the performance of your computer. It includes a defrag tool and also a startup manager to ensure your PC moves smoothly.
You know when you’ve been meaning to tidy that spare room for a while and that feeling of, I can’t believe how nice it is after you’ve cleaned it up; Well that’s what SlimCleaner Free for Windows does for your PC or laptop. It is easy to install and use with an intuitive interface. That junk data, forgotten programs, and useless files are all cleaned up in no time. The computer ends up faster and with more memory. You can’t ask for more when it’s free.
Slimcleaner is a free cleaner for your PC. It has an automatic start up or you can manually configure what you want to clean. You will also find that if a file is accidentally deleted, you can restore with the click of a mouse. It also has tool for optimizing the performance of your computer, all aimed for a beginner to an expert user. A great choice for simplified upkeep of your PC.
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