by Hi-Rez Studios, INC.

A multiplayer online battling game that is free to play

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Hi-Rez Studios, INC.

Release: Smite

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Smite is an online battling game that is free to download for anyone with Windows. This game offers a third person game play, while you battle in an arena against other players, however there are several game options to play from. You can play as PVP which is player versus player modes, Conquest, which is two teams made up of five players, as well as tournaments. The goal of all teams is to destroy the oppsoite teams Pheonixes as well as their Titan. Pheonix's defend 3 continuous lanes on each players team and is accompanied by 2 additional defense towers. The Titan is a massive warrior on each team, that each team attempts to defeat in order to win the game. 

Additionally, you have plenty of options as far as avatars go, they have a whopping 109 characters to choose from. You can choose a god or other type of character, and the choices range from Celtic to Voodoo and fall into their own subcategories such as assassin and warrior, so you won't ever feel stuck with the same avatar every time. There is also a large space located between the lanes that the Phoenixes defend called the Jungle, and here lie different kinds of monsters that when killed provide a buff that can be picked up by a player. The player that picks up this buff will absorb mana, damage, a speed, or protection reduction, but this all depends on what monster was killed, but sometimes monsters do not drop a buff and you will instead just obtain gold and experience. 

Boasts a large forum with a great community for tips, tricks, and everything else Smite. You can use this to build friendships, recruit, and add players to your clan. If you are finding yourself slowed down, you can also hop over to Smite's Official website and check out their store, and look into purchasing some gems or look into a God pack. This game shows that it is a great way to spend time, with many options to keep you entertained and happy. I was very happy with this game, and I am able to play with friends who don't live in my state anymore, so i enjoy having a fun way to connect with them. 

Free to play across multiple platforms!

  • Multiplayer
  • 109 Avatars and characters to choose from
  • Battle Arena gameplay

Game can stream across multiple platforms

  • Windows
  • Nintendo Switch
  • X-box One
  • Playstation 4
  • macOS

Free to play, so no purchase required to download game


Smite for Windows: Smite is an online video game and it is otherwise known as MOBA Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or ARTS Action real-time strategy. There will be a set of 3 or 5 players in the online game. It has game modes like Conquest, arena, siege, jourt, assault and clash. It has premiere competitive mode and has a three-lane map for the game. It has other highlights like Tactical gameplay which helps in opponent's defeat and some mythical setups for the MOBA games.
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