Hacker Simulator

by RVL Games

A computer game where you're a hacker

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: RVL Games

Release: Hacker Simulator 1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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In the Hacking Simulator game, you get to play as the person known as Alex D., who is a computer programmer currently working at a software company. However, very few know the real life of Alex D, who frequently spends his nights as an elite hacker. Unfortunately, in the game Hacking Simulator, Alex D ends up getting caught hacking, and now your game becomes focused on clearing your name. To do this, Alex D must use his hacking knowledge for the greater good, and this means that the user must solve multi-step complicated puzzle levels. There are many different puzzles that you might encounter while playing the Hacker Simulator game, but the most common puzzles are logical or fast-paced. Reviewers have compared this game to the famous game series "Portal," where you play as a robot who must use his portal gun to solve complex puzzles, all while following a very detailed storyline. Hacking Simulator is everything that Portal was plus even more, with its matrix-style graphics and storyline you surely won't be bored for a second.

If puzzles aren't challenging enough, feel free to move on over to the game's mission section, which will allow you to advance farther into the game by unlocking new locations and even more things to hack. This game is the perfect combination of storyline and puzzles, and best of all, the unique soundtrack was made just for this game. With over 8 different soundtrack titles, you will love listening to the fast-paced music, which will get your hacker fingers tingling!

The average playtime of the Hacker Simulator for Windows is about 8 hours but could be completed faster if you are experienced.

The game is built on top of a pre-existing engine, so there are many similar games with fewer features that came before Hacker Simulator. Although there is yet to be a Hacker Simulator 2, the programmer and creator of the Hacker Simulator for Windows have occasionally flirted with the idea of releasing a sequel to the original Hacker Simulator game. With all of the benefits surrounding the Hacker Simulator for Windows, you should download it and give it a try!

The hacking simulator is recommended for ages 13+ because of the challenging gameplay. Although there is no explicit content, we don't recommend people who are younger than 13 to play this game. 

Played for fun

  • Puzzles
  • Fancy Graphics
  • Fun Interactive storyline
  • A challenging adventure
  • Feature-5

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