Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas

by MTA Project

Basically GTA but with a great multi-player option

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MTA Project

Release: Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.4.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas for Windows, Now if you grew up playing the Grand Theft Auto series like me, you will know that this game is extremely fun.

As the game evolved over the years, the worlds in which we played grew bigger and bigger. As this game evolved over the years, other games on similar platforms evolved at the same time,

But the features of multi-player evolved in the other games. Having the ability to play with your friends and anyone from around the world started to become the best feature of some games.

This was especially so in the "shoot em up" style of games, and there is nothing more fun than actually playing another human being in a virtual world.

Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas for Windows is what we have been waiting for. When playing Grand Theft Auto, you will know that it can get pretty lonely out there!

The virtual worlds are huge and knowing that the other people you see are actually other players and not computer-generated robots makes the game a lot more fun.#

The best thing about Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas for Windows is that it is free! 

If you enjoy the roleplay side of gaming Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas for Windows supports an extremely powerful user interface, any tasks that would seem tricky or complex

will now be super easy and user friendly. 

With the "Race Mode" feature, you can race anyone around the world with hundreds of tracks based around the city of San Andreas.

Another great feature that we all enjoy about "shoot em up" games is the ability to sneak up on people, with the feature "stealth mode" this is made all the easier.

You may think of something that you would change or add to the game while playing, and this is made possible with a map editor and a really easy to use scripting system.

Accuracy of body movements has always been a sticking point with the original series of Grand Theft Auto but with Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas for Windows this is greatly improved,

Blowing someone's head clean off with a sniper rifle was always a super fun past time, but now with Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas for Windows, you can shoot someone's leg clean off!

And this synchronization is constantly evolving.

The best thing about playing online is not all about actually playing the game, and it's great to discuss the game with other players, this is possible with a forum that is provided with a huge online community. 

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has always been my favorite out of the franchise, the only thing it was lacking was multiplayer capabilities until now! What makes it even greater? It's FREE! The developers have really integrated the game in a whole new way allowing for you to chose the mode you want to play in such as racing, and stealth modes. MTA has an amazing online community, and the developers are there to answer our complaints with open forums and a page on discord. MTA is an Open Source game, which allows us to send our thoughts and idea's to work on making an even greater game play.
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