by Stanton Magnetics

A deejaying tool that can give regular citizens the opportunity to be a professional DJ

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Stanton Magnetics

Release: Deckadance 2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Deckadence is a DJ software tool that was first developed in 2007 for Microsoft. It is both a DJ console and a mixing tool. It has two editions, allowing the product to tailor itself to different music genre's artists. 


  • One of the most renowned features is the club version's ability and support to work with timecoded vinyl. 
  • The tool can be a standalone app, or it can be used in combination as a plugin VST inside software that supports VST, such as Ableton Live. This feature provides a Sound Manager (SM), which can then integrate with iTunes. 
  • Two different editions, which host two different sets of benefits. The house edition can be controlled with a MIDI controller and can host VST compliant effects. The club edition has all of the effects of the house edition but also allows the producers to make their own timecoded CD's. 
  • The sampling options are some of the best in the industry. There are multiple loop options, including 1,2,4, or 8 beat loop sample recording options. These samples can then be automatically synced to the tempo through its beat detection feature. There is a volume control feature as well as a tool that allows for these samples to be layered, creating a more enriched track. 
  • Another outstanding feature is the software's ReLooper feature. This tool slices and then rearranges the created samples onto either Deck A or Deck B, allowing for easier organization. There are also multiple effects options included in the ReLooper, which include the panoramic LFO, ring-modulator, wha-wha filter. Master ReLooper effects include a wha-wha filter, a low-fi distortion option, as well as a track coder which combines a low-fi distortion option along with a vocoder.

In conclusion, Deckadence software is a tremendous and valuable DJ tool for both aspiring and professional musicians. While it may cost a bit of money, it can be considered an investment if accompanied by the adequate dedication to master it.

Different editions (house and club) give to DJ's the opportunity to develop mixes specific to their genre and provide unparalleled possibilities for working with timecoded vinyl.

You must have 512 MB RAM, 200 MB of free disk space on your hard-drive, either a DirectSound or an ASIO-compatible soundcard, as well as either an Intel Pentium lll 1 GHz or the AMD Athlon XP 1.4 GHz processor.

Vincent A
I am always looking for new DJ software to use, and judging by the screenshots of this software it looks like it would be a nice portable software to have on a budget. Budget software is great for aspiring musicians and DJs because it saves them money while allowing them to work on their craft. Definitely would give this a download and a spin (no pun intended). P.S. I have done these HITs twice and once again I was unable to submit my comment on the website. There is a problem with the server.
Elle Jay
This one looks pretty fun. It's an app that allows you to mix music like a DJ, just using your regular computer! There are 2 separate editions, so depending on your style of music you can pick whichever will suit you best. Sounds fun!
Nathan Priddy
Deckadance for Windows is a resource that allows the user to create and release their creative juices. This software is great for both the expert working musical professional and the enthusiastic hobbyist. This software is also a wonderful tool because it allows for quick and easy installs and continuous and needed updates. Plus if you ever need it, the company offers support.
If you love music and consider DJing as one of your hobbies, you should check out Deckadance. This is an awesome music application that will let you mix music and make you feel like you're a true professional. The program is incredibly accurate and works with extreme precision that blows me away every time I use it. All you need to do to control this program is make use of your mouse or keyboard. You can also use a midi controller if you want.
Thank you so so much for releasing this software. I have been a Deckadance user for quite some time. I migrated to Traktor professionally but have always had a softspot for Deckadance. I have now switched to the Launchpad S and again had trouble mapping with Deckadance. But now that Deckadance is under Stanton I will be interested to see how it now works with my Stanton SCS3d. I am happy to hear of this update to 2.5. Finally I can do something new for my Deckadance.
Deckadance is one of the application software programs which is used to control music in the system. This application software program is used to mix audio at full control. This application software program acts as a sound manager and interacts with each and every media file for better analysis. This application software program is used as an analyzer of signals and systems of media files. This application software program is available at both free and paid versions. This application software program supports all types of Windows Operating Systems.
Deckadance is an advanced DJ software with standalone and VSTi capabilities. It is controllable by a MIDI keyboard, vinyl system, or just through keyboard and mouse. The interface is somewhat complex, but this is a good thing; it is not a program for complete beginners in the field, it has enough complex capabilities for professional DJs, but is cheap enough for a hobbyist.
I enjoyed my time using Deckadance, it's a great alternative for someone who has been using Virtual DJ for a few years! I used to use a trimmed-down version of this in FL Studio, good to see I can use this standalone for live performance / djing. It can run standalone or as VSTi, so you can also import this into your favorite DAW like FL Studio, Ableton, etc. If you're looking for an alternative for mixing / live audio then give it a shot!
Deckadance can be used on Windows operating systems, 10. 7, and it can be downloaded for free to used to mix and organize your work as a DJ. it works very well with live performances. it allows the worker to concentrate on the music while it tends to the controls that go into making great sounds and not on how it works. the production and organization of the recordings are in good hands as it helps you in the studio.
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