Ultimate SAMP KeyBinder

Helps users remap their GTA keys to specific actions.

Operating system: Windows

Release: Ultimate SAMP KeyBinder

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Ultimate SAMP KeyBinder was made for the popular PC game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The game had a number of unique actions the player could perform. However, one of the major drawbacks to all of these commands was that there were a large number of them. This posed a problem for players that liked to play with controllers over keyboards. Ultimate SAMP KeyBinder allows players to bind long actions to a single key.


  • Set up multiple Hot Keys
  • Insert text strings
  • Improved multi-player experience
  • Free to use
  • Doesn't break terms of service

Programs like Ultimate SAMP KeyBinder often break the terms and service of multiple player games. In most cases, a third party program like this would be considered a cheat. However, since Ultimate SAMP KeyBinder doesn't actually change the game in any way that would give another player an in-game advantage. It was deemed safe to use by the Grand Theft Auto community and even getting a green light from the makes of the game itself. Multiple player experience is greatly improved thanks to the ability to bind actions to certain keys. Most of the complaints would be from players that used controllers over keyboard since they would often have to stop what they are doing to enter a command via the keyboard. With Ultimate SAMP KeyBinder players can bind those commands to one single button so their gameplay isn't affected at all. Players don't have to worry about losing key binds since the program doesn't overwrite the original binding. Instead, Ultimate SAMP KeyBinder stacks addition commands onto the same key. The program really shines when it comes to console commands too. Almost all of Grand Theft Auto's console commands are long and drawn out sentences. If you are using Ultimate SAMP KeyBinder, you can have pages of commands entered at the push of a button. There is no reason not to have this handy utility software.

Insert multiple commands into a single keybind.
This is a tool used specifically for gamers who want to remap their buttons. The user can customize their buttons on a gamepad or etc. Changing where keys are bound and carrying out the function for the user.
This piece of software honestly is lacking in the market and I'm genuinely surprised how little acknowledgment this has got. SAMP is really simple yet greatly efficient, you bind a button and within that bind you have a text string bound to it, such as pressing 'H' and saying 'Hello'. If you're someone who plays role-playing games where you don't want to type out everything sluggishly, this software is great for you. Best of all, it's free.
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