MSI Dragon Gaming Center

by MSI

A program designed by MSI to give you the upmost control over your gaming set up

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MSI

Release: MSI Dragon Gaming Center

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating4.4571

This free program allows you to optimize and tweak your hardware settings to work with any gaming style you might have. Switch between profiles and customize to your heart's content.


  • EZ Swap mode allows the user to switch between work mode and Game mode. Multiple options for Performance mode, such as OC (Overclock),  Gaming, and Silent. Again, multiple options ScenaMax mode, which covers the display settings. The third option is Nahimic, which allows you to choose multiple audio options. The fourth option is Theme, which allows you to change your windows theme depending on whether you are gaming or working. The last option is sound, which isn't as in-depth as Nahimic, but allows you to control the level that your sound is at or if it even on at all.
  • When EZ Swap is turned on, you will get two buttons on the screen that easily allow you to switch between your two profiles
  • Utility feature automatically searches your pc for new games and adds them to the program's own control center
  • Xsplit- recording and live streaming software
  • Three unique display modes for Scenamax- Gaming Mode, Cinema Mode, and Eyecare Mode
  • Personal Setting allows the user to set personal settings for the whole system, such as Gamma-level, brightness, and contrast
  • Device center allows the user to control microphone volume, device volume, or enable or disable the windows antenna
  • MSI supercharger automatically optimizes your device settings to make them as fast as possible and get the most out of your hardware
  • System monitor allows you to get real-time updates on a multitude of device states, such as Disk Load, Memory Load, CPU load, GPU load, and Ethernet and Wireless Internet speeds

This is a very advanced and useful program that allows you to quickly optimize your software and hardware settings

Works on most PC's

Tyler Reed
At times I like to make mods and configurations to some of my older games. I find the MSI Dragon to be very effective at doing that goal for me in an easy and cost-effective manner. This was amazing really and ultimately a product that stands out as unique and fitting a niche. Good job to MSI.
The software has a number of significant features which include EZ-SWAP and ScenaMax. The EZ-SWAP allows for users to customize 2 profiles and allow them to switch back and forth efficiently and with relative ease. The SCENAMAX is similar in that you can customize, but does this for the display - up to 5 preset options are available.
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