by Oovee

A game that challenges driving off road trucks

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Oovee

Release: Spintires 60.891.0.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Spintires is a free license simulation driving experience game. The purpose of the game is to maneuver the large and heavy trucks to transfer cargo by driving in muddy regions. This game is fun for those who enjoy a challenge.

The paths to transfer the cargo could be muddy, contain vegetation or could have a river, etc., so the driver will have to drive carefully. This is especially important because it is possible to get stuck in a ditch or in the mud. There are 5 terrains to drive on and have different paths, which means that navigating on these paths will differ in each terrain. The game includes a map, but it may not be useful because it only contains parts of the terrain. There is an ability to change the camera angle with the mouse, which could help the player. 

There are various trucks to drive and can be customized as experience points are gained. The customizations include cranes, trailers, fuel tanks, and loads. The trucks in the game look real. There is an ability to rescue an abandoned truck, which is likely to happen multiple times throughout the game.

There are many realistic attributes in this game. The controls are close to a real truck, but it might take some time for the driver to learn how to use the mouse and keyboard. While playing, the truck fuel has to be monitored because it is a possibility to run out of gas. Any damage to the truck also has to be monitored. The truck could even sink if stopped in the mud for too long, because of the truck's weight is too heavy, just like an actual truck. The trucks also chug, which just adds to the lifelike simulation. It could be possible to forget you are playing the game.

Overall, this game is perfect for those who are up for a challenge and are patient in learning the game. This game is original and super technical. The game is very enjoyable because of the realism of the animations of the truck movements, sounds, and even the smoke. The game could take longer, so it may not be suitable for those who like shorter games.

provides a fun experience for players

  • Multiplayer option
  • Truck customization 
  • Various modes
  • Realistic graphics 
  • Realistic gaming controls

- Can be downloaded for free

- Safe and fast download

- Virus free

-  Award-winning game

- Compatible for Windows, Playstation, and Xbox

- Additional software is offered 

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