Spotflux Lite

by Spotflux

Encrypted VPN service which conceals your IP and makes it impossible to trace

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Spotflux

Release: Spotflux Lite * Unknown *

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Spotflux conceals your IP address, making it impossible to trace by routing your Internet traffic through a series of secure servers.  Due to a unique Wizard function, it is easy enough for anyone to use. It is so easy to use; there is not even a ‘help’ function.  A Support function is included, and the navigation of the system-tray icon is intuitive, as is the menu options which open with a right-click.   It’s easy to check the status of Spotflux and quit the program with the system tray icons. 

Immediately after launch, Spotflux secures the internet connection by changing the settings to match those of its secure servers, included is anti-phishing, malware protection, blocking of web trackers, and blocking of personalized ads.  Your privacy is essential, and Spotflux will only turn over information to law enforcement subject to a court order.  Spotflux restricts children under the age of 16 from establishing an account and specifies that they may use the service “under the approval and supervision of parents or legal guardians” which complies with the US COPPA law 

  • Easy set up (Wizard) 

    Masks your actual IP address
  • Easy to use 

  • Impossible to trace the connection back to your computer IP 

  • Routes internet through a series of secure servers 

  • Quick above-average speed 

  • Operates at a broadband speed 

  • System tray icon allows you to check the status 

  • The menu which allows disconnection and quit 

  • The menu which enables modification of settings 

  • Support tab 

  • Blocks web trackers 

  • Blocks personalized ads 

  • Protects against infected websites 

  • Anti-phishing technology 

  • Free three-day trial 

  • Value for a paid subscription 

  • Premium product subscription offers coverage for up to five devices 

  • Windows XP 

  • Windows 7/8 

  • File size 509.57KB 

  • Over 2 million downloads 

  • Get it at the Google Chrome Store 

  • Extras available on the website 

  • Strong privacy policy with law enforcement 


If you like Spotflux but you wish it was easier to use, then you should download Spotflux Lite. Splotflux Lite basically gives you all the benefits that Spotflux does but through an extension on your Chrome browser. All you need to do to install this tool is to click once. It will then do its magic, making your connection more secure and private through encryption. You'll be able to browse in private.
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