Sql Editor

by Дмитрий Круглов

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Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Дмитрий Круглов

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Last revision: Last week

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Sql Editor is a program that allows converting SQL queries between SQL Server and MDB formats. Working in this application is quite simple - you just need to insert the SQL code into it, clear it from unnecessary "trash" characters (this is done automatically) and, using the menu, convert the query to the desired format. By connecting to the database, you can execute this query and view the server response from the database. At the same time, the program is able to remember the password to the database and automatically use it for subsequent connections (up to 20 connections to different databases are stored). Sql Editor can also convert SQL queries to C++ format, which allows you to insert them directly into the program code. Using ODBC drivers, you can use Sql Editor to work with virtually any database.

- automatic cleaning of SQL code from "garbage"

- Convert queries from SQL Server format to MDB format and vice versa

- execution of SQL queries to the database

In the client / server model, the entire database is centrally stored on the server (Server), all data processing operations are performed on the server with SQL commands. The client (Client) is only used to update the server data or get information from the server. In the current field of development is the Internet, the SQL language plays an even more important role. It is used to quickly create dynamic Web Pages. Dynamic Web pages often have content removed from the database. SQL can be used as a glue between databases and Web pages. When the user requests, SQL will perform access to the database information on the server and display the results on the Web page. And SQL is also a tool to update information for that database.
Sql Editor is a really useful program that lets you convert SQL queries from SQL Server to MDB formats and vice versa. It’s easy to use - just put the query in and the program does the rest. In addition to MDB formats you can also convert to C++ format and insert directly into code.
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