by Nanosystems

Software establishing remote access to PCs and enabling extensive team collaboration

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Nanosystems

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Supremo is a program that allows you to remotely control your computer, as well as transfer data between multiple PCs over secure protocols. To create a connection, the program must be installed on both computers. During the initial setup of Supremo, you will be asked to create an account that will be used for uncontrolled access to your PC. This step can be omitted, but in this case, each time you connect to a remote computer, you will have to enter the newly generated ID and password, requesting this data from the owner of the PC.

The program allows you to connect to computers in remote control mode and in screen demonstration mode. In the second case, several users can connect to the same computer simultaneously. Extremely useful for presentations and lessons. In remote control mode, the host can terminate the connection at any time by clicking on the "Stop" button. The Supremo window is freely scalable, and to avoid the appearance of color inversion and graphic artifacts on the image the program offers to install its own video driver (optional). The connection can be made using a proxy server.

In addition to remote control, screen sharing and file transfer, Supremo also allows you to communicate via text chat. The important difference between this program and its analogues is that it does not "confict" with antiviruses and firewalls.

- Connect to a remote computer in remote control mode and display the screen;

- Create a connection using a proxy server;

- Connect multiple users to the same PC at the same time;

- file transfer and text chatting;

- Use of the reliable SSL protocol;

- Absence of "conflicts" with antiviruses and firewalls;

- quick step-by-step adjustment;

- Scalable window with the image from a remote PC, its own video driver.

Supremo (2.24 MB)
Supremo (2.27 MB)
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