TeamViewer QuickSupport

by TeamViewer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: TeamViewer

Last revision: Last week

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TeamViewer QuickSupport is an application that is a separate module from the full version of TeamViewer. The latter is designed to manage a remote computer and is often used to help solve PC problems. TV allows you to see the image in front of you from another user's monitor, to control mouse and keyboard movement, as well as to make voice calls and transfer files.

So, what does this module do? Imagine the situation: your friend asks you to help solve a problem with his or her PC, but he or she is an inexperienced user and installing the full version of TeamViewer is too complicated. That's where QuickSupport comes in. To provide access to your computer through this module, it will be enough to download a tiny executive file and click on it. Next, you should ask your friend to dictate the address and password that appear in the open window and enter it into the full version of TeamViewer. Everything, now the remote computer is completely in your control. If you want to work with QuickSupport, you can use a proxy server. The module itself cannot connect to a remote PC. It can only accept "incoming" connections.

- is able to accept "incoming" TeamViewer connections from other PCs;

- contains a minimum of settings and provides only the information necessary for connection;

- doesn't require an installation;

- maintains a proxy;

- is completely free.

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