System Protect

by System-protect

A tool software to prevent data crash or lost in Windows system

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: System-protect

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System Protect is a build-in feature to prevent data loss or system crash in the windows system. This function is broadly used across different Windows versions from Windows 7 to Windows 8, till Windows 10. The usage is similar involving restore point creat and restores in case.

Create the restore point is a way to back up the kernel and crucial Windows system files and data. It is not very complicated internally, the restore point is very much like a snapshot of windows running now, which maintains copies of the most important OS system files needed for windows to keep operating properly at a specific time. Also, it saves the potential configuration file like personal own files related to the running account as hidden shadow copies.

Based on the above explanation, we can see the main idea behind System Protect for Windows does not protect you from rare catastrophic hard drive disasters. Instead, it only protects you from minor and usually more common system mishaps. For example, after you installed a specific software or device driver which wasn't compatible with the current Windows version. You only based on the basic knowledge that it should work fine with minor limitation in functionality, and previously it worked fine in another version of Windows. After the installation, you find it doesn't work as well as you expected. Even later uninstalling the program, you find some Windows features don't work well as before. Then you think about trying to roll back the windows configuration with the old program or device driver. In this situation, you'd better try to trigger roll back to the latest restore point with SystemProtec for windows.

Protect windows from system crash or data missing and other unexpected loss in the system

  • Automatically setup the restore point periodically
  • Manually setup the restore point
  • Backup the restore point anywhere even external disk
  • Rollback with manually restore point selection
  • Minimum file storage for the restore point
Sometimes I just want to keep my system as it is without the upgrade. That's why I installed System Protect for Windows. I can turn it off and on. I can use it to revert to a previous restore point. The system protect shows me the processor, installed ram, and system type among other data. It's so convenient.
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