by Chris Andriessen

An app that allows you to change the position of your taskbar icons

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Chris Andriessen

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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TaskbarX for Windows allows you to take a more proactive approach to design your desktop.  The app offers a number of different taskbar styles, including acrylic, blur, and transparent.  Users can also choose to alter the color and transparency of their taskbar manually.  TaskbarX also allows users to customize their start button or hide it if they so choose.  There are 42 different animations for taskbar changes to choose from as well, and TaskbarX for Windows supports any and all taskbar settings, including standard taskbar, vertical taskbar, or unlimited taskbar.  Users can change animation speeds to their liking, or animations can simply be disabled for a more streamlined approach to altering the taskbar.  TaskbarX for Windows automatically centers the taskbar, but it does allow for custom offset positions depending on user preference.  With this app, users can change the position of any icon in their taskbar, clock, search bar, and tray icons, and even include customized taskbar segments.  Taskbar X for Windows can support unlimited monitors.

This app offers a kind of customized approach to organizing your desktop far beyond the standard settings available in Windows 10.  It offers a user the ability to completely rearrange their taskbar to their liking, offering a much more hands-on approach.  Rather than rely on standard settings, Taskbar X provides a more nuanced approach, letting users decide what suits their needs.

To ensure the app runs at startup, simply open "TaskbarX Configurator" in the start menu and click the apply button.

TaskbarX for Windows is currently $1.99 in the Windows App store, meaning there are no in-app purchases to make and no advertising to worry about.

Allows you more control over where your taskbar icons are placed.

  • Change the style and color of your taskbar
  • Change the positions of your icons
  • Animations for taskbar changes
  • All taskbar settings supported
  • Unlimited monitors supported

Available on: PC

OS: Windows 10 version 17763.0 or higher

Architecture: X64

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