by TeamViewer GmbH

Established ingoing and outgoing connections on Windows devices

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: TeamViewer GmbH

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TeamViewer is a popular program designed for remote computer management. It is often used by administrators, but more and more ordinary users are using it for their own purposes. TeamViewer allows you to see the desktop of a remote computer on your screen. You can control the cursor and enter text using your keyboard. It also supports copying files via the clipboard or "Drag and Drop".

In order to establish communication between computers, you need to install "TimViewer" on both computers. Now the user of the remote computer should start the program and give the partner his ID and password. The password is different for each session, and the ID doesn't change. After the connection is established, the desktop of the remote computer becomes black, which indicates the start of the session. The quality of the connection is determined by the power of both computers and the speed of the Internet connection. If the Internet is not fast, the picture may freeze (changes on the screen will be delayed). The application is available for different platforms, so you can, for example, control a remote computer from your smartphone. To do this, you need to install a mobile version of the program on your smartphone.

- The ability to easily troubleshoot problems, set up programs and help less experienced users;

- the ability to control the remote computer as if you were sitting right in front of it;

- Ease of use and accessibility for any user;

- Quick support with the portable version;

- Russian interface;

- the possibility of recording a session;

- Creation of multi-user conferences (requires pre-registration);

TeamViewer is a wonderful program that allows you to remotely access computers and mobile devices. This can allow your IT team to remotely work on employee's computer systems or allow you to remote in to customer's computers and fix their issues. This allows you to help people that may otherwise not know how to help themselves.
Teamviewer is a remote connectivity platform that connects people, places, and things. It allows remote access, management, and support for computers, mobile devices, network machines anytime/anywhere with an annual plan (or free personal use).
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