VNC Viewer

by RealVNC Limited

An app for remotely accessing computers, compatible with Windows, Mac, and other OSs

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: RealVNC Limited

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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VNC Viewer is a unique client program designed to work with one or more remote computers. The application is extremely easy to set up and operate. It transmits mouse movements, keystrokes or keyboard shortcuts that are not available to the virtual keyboard to the remote computer, as well as displays information intended to be displayed on your device screen.

When the user connects to the remote computer, he is immediately transferred to the desktop, where he can do whatever he wants. VNC Viewer is very easy to use and you can connect to many other operating systems, such as Mac OS, Linux, Solaris. By the way, several users can connect simultaneously. VNC Viewer has a huge number of versions and editions. The program is available both for mobile operating systems and for Java-devices (the functionality of which is, however, much poorer). Besides, there is a portable edition and solution for 64-bit versions of Windows.

- user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly get used to the program, saving you time;

- Possibility of simultaneous connection with several remote computers;

- easy and fast installation;

- the ability to connect to any operating system.

- The ability to control the remote computer from your mobile device;

- distribution free of charge.

VNC viewer is an awesome tool that allows you to remotely access your VPN. This tool is great to have as it also comes in mobile app form. Having the ability to remotely access your VPN from anywhere makes it impossible to miss important work. VNC viewer is also secure meaning your VPN information is safe.
This product is really good for people who don't know to much about computers, but have a friend or family member away from the computer. It allows the friend to log into your computer and remotely fix the problems for you.
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