The Elder Scrolls: Arena

by Bethesda Softworks LLC,

Open world fantasy game

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks LLC,

Release: The Elder Scrolls: Arena 1.06

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The Elder Scrolls: Arena for Windows is a free downloadable game for players to use on the computer. It is said to be a renowned role-playing saga and the first of its kind of the many sequels with the game title. The game is set in an open world where players freely navigate landscapes, including dungeons and spell creation systems on a fantasy continent named Tamriel. 

The game plot will allow you to carry out and complete quests in order to save the emperor and the whole kingdom from an impersonator king. This takes you on an enumeration of adventures through cities and wild terrains. It is set within the medieval era and has been enjoyed by players for over a decade now.


Around 2.3 million square miles to explore in the fantasy game world!
  • First-person perspective, ability to navigate through the eyes of your own character
  • A realistic day and night cycle (light and dark settings within the game)
  • A large variety of quests to go on
  • Single-player mode
  • Freedom of choice to complete missions of simply exploring other aspects of the gameplay


It is likely the game will need a DOS-emulation program to be downloaded. User systems may be too new to run the game on without an emulator.

gaming app is very easy to install. and the animation of the games looks nice and fell good. I enjoyed thoroughly the game I played. I would recommend this software to our friends to play the game. very interesting
The game has an Exquisite storyline. This also provides regular updates and events. There are also in game purchases and game goods giveaway.
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