by Digital Extremes

An action-packed game set in a futuristic space solar system with weapons and maps

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Digital Extremes

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Warframe is a very fun game for players of all ages, which features space ninjas and other cool characters. Ideal for users looking to pass the time during quarantine or any point of boredom, you will quickly become engaged and very much into this game. It is entertaining for so many aspects, one of these being the fact that it follows up and succeeds its predecessor, which is also very fun. But this game has been heralded as even better than the other games, as it is a third-person shooter MMO in the realm of Destiny. It is very much a fun plot and storyline to run through, is fast-paced, very active, multivariable, and very competitive.

Warframe provides real entertainment and allows users to work with all sorts of actions, maps, and weapons. It is very much easy to grasp and does not take time at all to learn. The beginning may be a bit slow and takes getting used to a small degree, but once you learn it, you will instantly become hooked. You will learn basic movements and other skills involving weapons of different calibers, and once you master this aspect, as well as the movement, you will instantly be hooked into this game. It comes in the setting of a futuristic space scene and solar system. You are a character named Tenno, who is a powerful space ninja and whose goal is to explore the solar system and play with 3 factions as you play and work with different quests, missions, and other star systems.

This is overall a very fun game, especially for those looking to work with action-packed videogames and those looking for different maps. This game not only has all of that stuff but also is set inside a futuristic space solar system, and the characters are highly appealing to users from all age groups.

Offers a variety of weapons and very easy to grasp, fun characters

  • Space action game
  • Variety of maps and weapons
  • Very fun for all ages
  • Easy to grasp controls
  • Free
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