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A photo and graphics software to manage and edit your photos

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Publisher: ThumbsPlus

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ThumbsPlus is a photo and graphics software that is easy to use. It has plenty of organization and editing tools that are compatible with Windows. Manage your photos and edit them with this software.


  • Creates thumbnails and vector files
  • Includes editing, batch editing, and the conversion of multiple formats
  • Searches and sorts images based on similarity to other photos that are present in the database
  • Contact sheets and printing images can be created with ease
  • Slideshows are included
  • Easily change any wallpaper that you want to change
  • Launch a number of external editors
  • Install specific fonts and remove them as well
  • Can manage your photos/media offline
  • Supports all formats of digital cameras that are out there

ThumbsPlus is a handy photo database editor that can be used for a variety of different reasons. It is actually built around a relational database, and it can easily be shared over a network. Therefore, the sharing of edited photos and things of that nature is easy with this software. It supports Microsoft Access and all of the databases that are associated with SQLite. 

For people with a lot of photos, the editing software of this app is better than any other one.

This software supports all digital camera formats. No matter what format you are to take a photo in, this software will recognize it an be able to edit it with ease.

Another cool feature that is had by this software is the ability to save a screenshot automatically. With no extra work from the owner, the database will automatically save these types of photos for you. 

Thumbnails are something that many people in the photo industry find to be very important. With this software, you will be able to move and store millions of thumbnails at any given time.

For anyone that has a lot of photos, Thumbnails is the perfect solution for your editing, managing, and sharing of photos.

ThumbsPlus is a really comprehensive tool that will let you organize your photos and graphics with ease. It will allow you to make your own thumbnails, as well as view images, files, font options, and videos. It gives you the ability to edit, batch edit, and convert your file formats. You can also search for your images and view them by categories like image similarity. If you have a lot of photos, movies, or other digital files to manage, this tool will make your life a lot easier.
Its the most useful application for all the time in which we can see all types of images in one application, this application is mainly used for desktop publishers. I am very familiar with this application.
I've been looking for software that will help me organize thousands of photographs on my computer. I found ThumbsPlus for Windows and it's been working out great. It's a free download. It helps me make thumbnails of the images. I can view, print, and find my photographs quickly now with ThumbsPlus. It supports many different media files. I can print batch files and make catalogs. This will be useful for the photo book I want to make for my mother. Can't wait to discover the ways I can use it to improve my life.
The thumbs Plus software uses Access database. The software several plugins to make a thumbnail. The software also can be accessed from various devices for easy conveniences. With the software, one can tag various images in the database in the file itself. Video can also be archived and saved for offline use. Because of this ability to save and archive, allows for easy and convenient creation of image galleries. The database can hold about 150GB of slides and negatives for PNG files. With these saves archives, one can batch operations for file conversions, watermarks, etc.
ThumbsPlus for Windows seems to be a great way to keep photos and files organized. Google suggests that the application will also search the database for Microsoft Windows. The product seems to be recommended for all users. For people like me, who want to keep their computer clutter-free, this will be an awesome application to use. The only concern I have is whether or not ThumbsPlus for Windows will take up a lot of space. Does the application group the images together or does it leave it as a single file (thumbnail)? Other than that, I believe this is a very useful product!
In Microsoft Windows, ThumbsPlus acts as a graphics organizing application. With this software, one is able to effectively create thumbnails. Along with this, a user can view images, fonts, videos, vector files, metafiles and more. With this application, one can find and maintain their files. This software allows the organization, editing, viewing, printing, cataloging and finding of all of one's graphic and photo files directly from one's hard drive.
Tyler Ambus
ThumbsPlus is a premium image and graphic management software that provides users with powerful features for viewing, editing, and managing digital images, vector graphics, and 3D objects. It offers a wide range of tools for organizing, annotating, printing, and sharing images and graphics, as well as features for batch processing and web page creation.
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