by Trafficreg Software

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Trafficreg Software

Last revision: Last week

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TMeter is a program for collecting statistics on the use of Internet traffic. It allows you to view both general and detailed statistics on specific IP addresses, protocols, ports, etc. in real time. The program displays all collected data in the form of graphs. TMeter has a built-in NAT engine that allows the use of a single external IP address for multiple hosts on the LAN. The program also has a built-in firewall, with which you can prevent online attacks on your network. With TMeter you can limit the Internet speed for individual users. The program is able to use the functions of authorization of local network users, can apply filters and rules to solve problems with dynamic IP and IP and MAC address spoofing. TMeter can use an unlimited number of filters and apply rules to individual hosts, their groups and subnets. You can not only view traffic reports, but also save them in XML format. The program is able to write HTTP headers log, process unencrypted VPN packets, perform DNS forwarding, block unwanted websites and ping hosts.

- collection of statistics on traffic usage;

- output of statistics in the form of graphs;

- the use of filters and rules;

- a built-in firewall;

- built-in NAT;

- export statistics.

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