by Toribash

Simulates fights, with moves and sequences designed by the Users in a global arena.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Toribash

Release: Toribash 5.42

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating4.41107

Toribash is an award-winning free software gaming product with an exciting twist. Users engage in digital fight simulations and tournaments where the fighting style and moves are built on the Users' imagination and understanding of the physical dynamics of fighting. Fighting moves allow players to push the envelope of fighting style and choreography while still constrained by the possibilities of human motion. The non-physical world this plays out in also allows Users to unleash their inner gladiator in a socially acceptable and safe way. It is a blood sport where only digital blood is spilled in spectacular ways.


  • There are multiple Martial Arts styles and weapon options for experimentation and variety.
  • The characters structure reflects human anatomy with realistic injuries sustained by the characters based on the force and location of strikes. 
  • Users earn Toricredits when they win matches to spend in the online store. This allows them to continually customize their fighting characters as they progress in the ranks. From beginners to black belts to the 10th Dan, the game is deep enough to allow Users to prove their growing expertise within the standard Martial Arts ranking designations.
  • There is an entire community to engage with for tips, trades, and tournament play. The chat feature allows direct interaction between Users.
  • Toribash, being highly visual, makes a diverting spectator sport as Users can observe other matches.
  • Users can upload fighting movies they have created in the software to YouTube to share their Toribash skills online. This also means that there are plenty of demo videos online for Users to watch and learn from.

The time invested in learning to manipulate the fighting characters of Toribash pays off in hours of fun and addictive entertainment. As Users gain skill, they win some serious bragging rights as well. Sometimes you get more than what you paid for.

It applies the elements of physics for game-play that is constrained and leveraged by scientific principles.

Versions are available for currently supported versions of Windows and a Legacy download is available for Windows XP.

Toribash 3.9 (9.58 MB)
Toribash 3.99 (15.74 MB)
Toribash 4.41 (19.97 MB)
Toribash 4.62 (58.75 MB)
Toribash 4.8 (45.27 MB)
Toribash would be appreciated by Video Game enthusiasts.
Toribash is an excellent free program, and it works for gamers like me. Gamers like me are always looking for digital flight simulations and tournaments, and toribash is something that can finally scratch that itch that I have been dying for.
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