Tournament Software

by Justiis

This software allows you to more easily schedule and run online tournaments.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Justiis

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This software allows you to run online tournaments easily, including scheduling, rescheduling, and taking online payments.


  • Enables you to publish tournaments, keep track of registration, receive payments, and offer bonuses such as insurance and membership. This single platform essentially allows you to take care of all of your online tournament functions in a single place.
  • You can use this to divide users up by groups such as age and automatically generate the timing of their tournaments. You can even create pools to match up teams based on their category and past performances.
  • Schedules for matches can be distributed using such features as a website or a calendar. This also comes with the option to build your own website
  • This software allows you to publish and change scores and results. You can even use it to change game schedules.
  • This software enables you to promote team activities by using a team app, rankings, pages, and even a roster.
  • You can communicate with others using such applications as online chats and emails.
  • This software comes with a free trial which lasts for two weeks. You can even call a sales associate at (925) 386-2131 to get more information. The sports which you can promote on it include baseball, soccer, and hockey; basically anything which is played professionally, with the exception of cycling. Faculty managers, clubs and leagues, and tournament operators are also available.
  • Bronze pricing is roughly fifty dollars a month, silver is almost a hundred, and you apparently need to contact the company in person for the price of gold. Bronze is for small sports teams (fifty teams and no more than seven hundred and fifty athletes), silver is for medium-sized teams (no more than a hundred teams and two thousand participants), and gold is for big teams (you can field as many teams and athletes as you like). Naturally, some payment features are only available in gold.
Some people expect the best competition running and organize platform. But most people or organizations not getting the expected software. So the people are upset and unsatisfying. The tournament software for windows is fulfill the al type of competition or tournament organize . That software is really helping all the problem of move on competition and success. I really enjoy this software to using.
Kyle A******c
Tournament Software is a suite of software tools for running competitive tournaments. It includes tools for creating tournament brackets, scheduling matches, tracking scores and standings, managing players and teams, and producing printable results. It is designed to make running competitive tournaments easy and efficient.