by Tunngle.net GmbH

A vpn service for gamers

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Tunngle.net GmbH

Release : Tunngle 5.8.9

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Tunngle is a VPN service for connecting gamers especially those that are shooters such as Call Of Duty. This service allows you to connect with other like-minded gamers far easier then you could with another platform or program with things like chat. While it does require registration to setup and work once done it's pretty easy. 


  • Tunggle has a share feature with allows you to share files and photos with friends or other gamers
  • Chat with allows you to connect EASILY to other like-minded gamers and private chat for those closer friends
  • VPN allows you to extend your LAN to computers in remote locations ( peer to peer)  around the world 
  • Tunngle connections are safe and secure they come highly encrypted which allows for all the services in Tunngle to be safe.

Tunngle is a free peer to peer VPN for all minded gamers to connect around the world whether your a first-person shooter lover or a Minecraft block builder. You can trust in us to keep your information and files safe and secure. Tunngle allows you to be anonymous and safe all while connecting with your best gamer friends. While user registration may scare a few away overall ease and simplicity of the product is worth it. What else is not to like ! its Free!!! THE ONLY DOWNSIDE IS YOU CANNOT CREATE YOUR OWN NETWORK. The upside is there's plenty of networks to join!.

allows you to extend your LAN to computers in remote locations ( peer to peer) around the world
Tunngle (3.87 MB)
Tunngle 5.2 (4.58 MB)
Tunngle 5.3 (4.59 MB)
Tunngle 5.4 (4.63 MB)
Tunngle 5.5 (4.63 MB)
Tunngle 5.7 (4.58 MB)
Tunngle 5.8.6 (4.7 MB)
Tunngle 5.8.7 (4.61 MB)
Tunngle 5.8.8 (4.62 MB)
Tunngle 5.8.9 (4.65 MB)
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Justin Carl

I think this is a great service to allow gamers to connect on a more personal level. I think that it is a plus that it is safe and anonymous. Gamers do feel much more connected when they are able to communicate throughout the gaming experience.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanleyhttps://bottts.com/Florian Körner
sam dow

allows you to extend your LAN to computers in remote locations ( peer to peer) around the world
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Tunngle is interesting because, before it, you couldn't play video games online with friends without an Xbox/Playstation console. It's especially good for Local Area Network (LAN) games. I want to let everyone know that in order to use Tunngle for Windows, you have to install a VPN onto your computer. Once you install the VPN onto your PC, you're in business. Tunngle gives PC players peace of mind while they're playing online games with friends.
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Ruaridh Levesque

Tunngle is like facebook for gamers haha. I love the chat rooms and discussion boards. It my go to if i have any questions about a game or trying to get past something im struggling with. I love that you can change the skin, when I first got in it was kinda hard to read due to the colours but you can change the skin easily to whatever you'd like.
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Got a game you wanna play LAN with friends but you can't because they're far away? Give Tunngle a try! Tunngle is a program that allows a secure VPN connection to your friends in order to play games, among many other features. This P2P program comes out of the box with multiple skins, a robust search feature, that even lets you bookmark your favorite games as well as allows strong connections so that you can play the games you love without worry of disconnections.
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Tunngle for Windows is a tool for game troubleshooting. It is an old tool but it has connected the players together in a game. It has virtually IP-based LAN gaming and it has its own messenger.
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Tuungle has made my life during quarantine so much easier. Before, it was much harder for me to play online games with my friends because of how far away we are from one another. After we all got Tuungle, it's gotten so much easier for us to play online together. The in-app messenger is the best part because it makes communicating during games so much easier since it's all in one place. Would definitely recommend downloading.
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Tunngle is great for anyone who values their privacy. Tunngle is an amazing VPN That allows you to mask your IP address from companies, websites, and your internet service provider by making you look like your in a different country. It is great to switch to other versions of Netflix for example to see shows that are not available in your country. For example, I live in Canada and wanted to watch Rick and Morty on Netflix but it was not available. All I had to do was switch to the UK version of Netflix and now I can watch all the Rick and Morty I desire and it works both ways! If you in the UK and prefer Canadian Netflix then you can pretend your Canadian! Perfect VPN for privacy and Netflix watching.
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Play games online? Tunngle for Windows is a software that might interest you. This PC software is designed to play on the local network no matter where you are you can still play with your gamer friends alike. It has LAN emulation features that are very powerful, this will work any games that support IP based LAN gaming and work or play virtually. Also, you can display a list of networks and play different games as well as the ability to access any one of them and you can communicate with them with chat easily. This software is highly encrypted allowing only secure usage of all of the provided services.
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Tunngle for Windows helps you set up a VPN connection especially for gamers who are into shooting games. It will establish peer to peer VPN for like minded video game players for free. Although the registration is required, the service being free is a pleasant surprise.
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Tunngle for Windows lets me have Local Network Parties with my gaming friends. It lets me play my games over the internet with people all over the world. My network comes with its own chat so that I can chat with my gaming friends. It lets me a bookmark and searches it too. It comes with a firewall that protects it from hackers. Just hours and hours of fun.
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Super easy to get setup and just start playing. Just install like any other program, Ok on windows driver warning, and create a user name and you did. it has connected already just not updated GUI. Strong connection.
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Tunngle is a virtual private network connection, This software is mainly useful for a game lovers, this helps multi player to connect in a single platform, it is easy to register and chat with another player while playing this software also have a private chat room where you can communicate with other players or friends through a single software by using its VPN multiple players around the world can come together to play games this is a free software and compatible in all the devices
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Jack E*******m

Tunngle is a virtual private network (VPN) software that enables its users to securely connect to each other over the Internet. It provides an easy-to-use interface for creating virtual private networks (VPNs) that allow its users to chat, play online games, and share files. Tunngle creates a secure connection between two or more computers, without the need for dedicated hardware or software. It also allows users to connect to each other with a single click, allowing for easy collaboration.
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Kyle Dufficy

Tunngle is a virtual private network that allows gamers to play their favorite online games in a secure environment. It's easy to set up and use, and requires minimal technical knowledge. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, and the network is reliable and secure. I found the ping times to be surprisingly good, even though I'm located in a different country. The customer service is also great and they responded to my queries quickly. I was able to play online games with my friends without having to worry about lag or security issues. The subscription fees are also very reasonable. Overall, I'm very satisfied with Tunngle.
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Alfie Wanner

Tunngle is a great software for those looking for an easy way to connect to a virtual private network. It is user-friendly and provides a secure connection for both gamers and businesses. The setup process is straightforward and the interface is simple. I had no trouble connecting to a server. The connection is stable and fast. The support team is also great and they respond quickly whenever I have a question or issue. The only downside is that you need to register and pay a subscription fee to access the full features.
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Rhys G********v

Tunngle is a great softwre for playing online games, however the setup can be a bit confusing and it can take a while to get used to it.
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Noah P.

I have used Tunngle for multiplayer gaming and found it to be a reliable and easy-to-use software for creating virtual LAN networks.
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Lewis Y.

Tunngle software is a virtual private network (VPN) tool that allows gamers to connect and play games online with ease.
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