Block porn being viewed on a computer.

Operating system: Windows

Release: PicBlock 4.2.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Picblock has developed over 7 years ago and is still used today. The longevity of this product shows that it continues to perform well. This program recognizes sexually explicit data not just by filtering the websites that one may visit but also by external storage devices that can be a plugin and inserted into the ROM drive. This product will also recognize other languages that typically pass through other software programs screeners. There are settings within the software to adjust the sensitivity of the material it will filter out. Only the person that knows the password to the program can change the settings as you are prompted before any change is updated. This program can even pick off on images that could be considered too revealing off of such programs like iTunes. To ensure that the content can not get through the filter, it uses a two-step process. First, it recognized the content that is not acceptable, and then it blocks it from being loaded on a website or any other viewing program. This product will make sure that content that should not be seen is not seen regardless of where the content is coming from. 


  • Blocks porn images and videos from being viewed on the computer
  • Recognizes external hardware that can be plugged in and inserted into computer drives
  • Recognizes many other languages that can pass through other programs filters
  • Can adjust settings to your preferences which can only be changed with a password

Parents can rest a little easier, knowing that their child is not being exposed to such images that can potentially harm a kid's judgment. By not allowing sites like this, you will reduce the number of temptations that lead to these images. Typically these websites can add on malicious programs on the computer, which will allow for better operations from the device itself.

This would ease the minds of parents who cannot monitor their kid's access to sexually explicit videos and images.
  • The program is completely Free
  • Runs on Windows: XP, 2000, Vista, 7, 98SE, and 8
  • Developer: SpartanCoders
Blocks and filters mature content as well as uses a language barrier to prevent excessive spam from coming through. The software will also detect extensions and addons to detect malicious viruses or spyware
I like the idea of having this program on my computer. I think it's great for parents who don't want their kids seeing inappropriate things on the internet. Also, it protects your computer from others seeing things that are appropriate. I would definitely use this.
PicBlock for Windows is a free computer censoring software application that will allow you to block pornographic images from being viewed on your computer. It can recognise explicit material and stop it from being loaded to the screen. A good tool for parents.
Jackson Council
This software is a parental control tool used by parents to stop teens from watching adult content. This would be helpful in preventing minors from accessing adult content on their computers or parents computer.
This is a great security program for people who have PC and Windows. Overall it helps people block unwanted software from entering their computer along with Access Control as well. This app is commonly downloaded in India, Australia, and the United States. This application is also known for blocking pornography on people's computers. This is a great application that has a lot of use.
This application blocks pornographic images from loading on my system. It gives help for keep my kids safer online. Everything like slowing down my computer, can't go the internet. Blurs out bad images on some sites, it kept the faces but blurred out the bits. The bottom line is this great start, but it needs work. It until they find something better. I tried restoring the original system files and that didn't help either. Finally free and easy to setup and configure.
PicBlock for Windows has been a blessing in my house. I have two kids at home and as a parent I can't watch over them 24 hours a day. Knowing that there is software that can actually help me keep them safe puts me at ease. With PicBlock I can take care of my own work while not having to worry about what my children will see when they are online doing their homework.
PicBlock is great, free security software that is only available for Windows, and helps block unwanted websites and pictures. This is great if you are looking to control what your children see and explore when they are on the internet and even helps you if are looking to get rid of unwanted websites off your browser. The software program is completely fully customizable and allows you the option to state exactly what you want. You are able to do things like set the sensibility level, set the notifications types for blocked content, and set a keyword analysis within the security program.
It is a free software and only available for windows this helps to block unwantted images from being viewed on your computer.
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