Virtual Access Point

by Virtual-AP.COM

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Virtual-AP.COM

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.42089

Virtual Access Point is a very convenient and easy to set up utility that you can use to turn your computer or laptop into a complete access point. This way, you can easily connect portable devices with Wi-Fi module to the network without using additional equipment. After the installation is complete, the program will detect all network connections of the computer and select the active one. During the configuration of the access point, the user will also be able to set a password, set a name and limit the maximum number of connected devices. The program is able to run together with the operating system and has an extremely intuitive interface. Virtual Access Point is a solution that helps you save money on buying a router and allows you to easily connect to the network from portable devices.

- Doesn't require pre-configuration;

- allows you to set a password and an access point name yourself;

- has a simple, intuitive interface;

- can be run together with Windows;

- is compatible with any Wi-Fi adapters.

Josh (unverified)
Virtual Access Points through a laptop seems useful and could make business for travelers and merchants extremely easy. The same capabilities are built into many phones, but I am sure the control features will allow a more secure and stronger access point for connections. I can see me travelling with business partners and now performing business on the road virtually anywhere, extremely useful.
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