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WinSQL is a querying tool for databases

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Publisher: Synametrics Technologies

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WinSQL is a product designed for Windows as a database management tool. Extremely popular, it boasts the largest user base of Fortune 500 companies at 90 percent. This tool can be used to generate data reports, run queries, export results into MS Excel, and more.

Around the world, WinSQL is used by more than a million DBAs and programmers. The reason for its popularity is its one stop shop approach to handling many of the necessary tasks programmers need to perform in reference to the handling of back-end database information.

WinSQL can most simply be described as a database querying tool. It is able to connect to any relational database that boasts an open database connectivity driver. In doing so it enhances and enriches workflow. 

New to WinSQL is a handy little plug-in for YellowBrick. This update makes it possible to retrieve information from the YellowBrick database. Also new to WinSQL is the ability to save query results in HTML format, load a catalog only when needed to improve resource use, and create a raw file that displays any errors.

The executables that you are able to generate with WinSQL are royalty-free, which means that out of pocket expense is not an issue with this program. WinSQL has all the features you could need when it comes to database management and multiple features you would ordinarily have to use separate programs to execute.

With WinSQL you can connect to Oracle, Sybase Adaptive Server, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2/UDB, IBM Informix, MySQL, and Microsoft Access.

All in all, WinSQL is incredibly handy and versatile. It is popular because it runs all the necessary database executables you would need.

WinSQL interacts directly with databases negating the need for additional API software

  • Works with Windows Scheduler
  • Connects to almost every database
  • Multiple features bundled in one product
  • Great value for money
  • Free bug fixes
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WinSQL is a database query and scripting tool that enables users to access and modify data stored in a variety of databases. It supports multiple database types, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, Sybase, and MySQL. It offers a range of features such as a visual query builder, real-time query results, and scripting capabilities. It also allows users to easily export data to a variety of formats such as comma-delimited text, HTML, XML, and Excel.
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