Transaction Generator

by tgmstr

An effective load testing tool for Oracle, MySQL and other multiple databases.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: tgmstr

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

Report misleading

Transaction Generator for Windows is an effective load testing tool for multiple databases that provides multiple verificatons tests concerning the databases systems. The verification tests include combinations of performance tests, database bottlenecks detection and tuning the applications and other importance features. This means that this useful products will help in verifying various databases performances. These verifications will importantly help in solving any bottlenecks that are detected in the databases. Such identifications will help to tune various applications of the systems and other importance features into the database. The product's development was executed based on Java programming. It means that this product can run at any platforms without any expected shortcomings. Transaction Generator also employs the use of numerous user transcations environments that utilize Java THREAD functions. 

Any transaction that is generated by the Transaction Generator will pop up on the transactions report pages of the respective itemization page. This means that the Transaction Generator intercepts the report page and remove its own transaction from the respective report. 


Provides multiple verification tests which involve the databases systems.
  • The Transaction Generator produces a random transaction that is built by SQL statement and facilitates sending queries on the system databases.
  • The product implements Job(SQL, PL/SQL, Shell Scripts) on various commands.
  • The user chooses the command-lines and GUI interfaces while controlling the Transacton Generator.
  • The Transaction Generator generates huge transcations with multiple synchronized Transaction Generator servers.
  • The product can perform in any given platform since it is coded using Java language.

The product is currently on a version 0.92. Among the additional requirements on operating systems, the user will require the JDBC driver. Special requirements required on this product include verifications and inclusions of captcha, randomized transaction pages and transaction confirmations that will reduce the vulnerability of the users to attacks while using its features. Otherwise, I find the product useful and reliable for use.

Transaction generator is the best effective loading system for big will be provides multiple verification test concern the was also used to numerous transaction for the database.
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