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Advanced database administration tool that works across many platforms

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Richardson Software

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This tool is wonderful for people who are already confident in using computers and familiar with technological and programming language. It has so many features: You can browse and organize databases, edit SQL scripts, import data from other formats (including Excel), edit tables, and compare data across databases. All of these tools help you to better analyze and understand your data, in ways, I find more efficient than programs like Excel offer. I haven't run into any problems or inconsistencies with the calculations from this tool. I've found it helps me feel more sure of the data I process and present to others. 

I do not recommend this tool for people who have trouble figuring out how to use computer programs by themselves. If you're unfamiliar with technological and programming language (such as SQL), a lot of the terms this tool uses will be lost on you, and you will be confused trying to navigate the tool. True, the tool has "easy-to-use" features, but only for those already comfortable with technology. It would be nice if the tool at least provided better descriptions of its features so amateurs could catch on quicker. However, I still think amateurs would be confused by the tool's look - many windows with code-like font and style. 

The tool works on over 40 databases the company has tested; there's a full version on the site. But there's a good chance the tool is compatible with the database platform you want to use. 

There's no free version of this tool. As far as I can tell, there's no free trial either. It's a big commitment, as it's $99.95/year for a one-user license (if you have more users, the per-user fee drops slightly). So again, if you don't feel confident diving into complex technology on your own, I wouldn't invest in this. 

Range of features, from simple to complex

  • Import data in many formats, from many different programs 
  • Export data in many formats 
  • Organize databases according to your preferences 
  • Compare data across databases 
  • Edit SQL scripts 
This instrument has such countless components that will save you time, you'll be snared rapidly. My manager recommended I look at it. Did. Preliminary at long last terminated. I nagging him ceaselessly until I wound up with an enlistment code. Presently I'm a glad (and snared) camper
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