Wise System Monitor

by Wise Cleaner

A system monitor tool

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Wise Cleaner

Release: Wise System Monitor 1.52

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Wise System Monitor is an awesome program that I'm really beginning to fall in love with. I decided to download it when I started having memory usage issues with certain applications I was using. Wise System was able to show me exactly what apps were having issues with taking up all of my memory. Once I located the main problem, I was able to resolve it by adjusting the memory allocated for the app. This was all thanks to the Process Monitor feature that allowed me to see everything that was running on my computer.

It also allows you to check the data speed of all of your applications too. There is another hardware monitor feature that lets you see even more beyond memory and application usage. You can monitor your hard drive, motherboard, and graphic card through this panel. It's really convenient to get to see every component of my computer to make sure nothing specific is not working correctly.

Before using Wise System Monitor, I felt like I was in the dark with what was happening with my computer. It's crazy how something as small as a system monitor app can fix serious issues that I was having on my PC. All of this can be encompassed in their Floating Window feature that allows you to view all of your core computer stats. It's helpful for me to monitor the temperature when I'm doing heavy editing loads on my rig. The company also mentions that the app has a low CPU usage rate. I really don't notice it much when it's running. I don't think it hinders performance at all. I just love that this app helps me focus on optimizing maximum performance. 

If you are having any issues with your computer usage, this is a really useful tool that has helped me fix a lot of app issues I've encountered. If you are skeptical or have any questions, Wise System also has dedicated forums where all users can chat about the program as well as offer guidance or help. They also have helpful tutorial videos that can show you lots of their features. It is nice having a community that is active along with the app. Go give it a try! 


  • Floating Window 
  • Low CPU usage 
  • Hardware monitor feature
  • Processes tool 
  • Dedicated app tracking
I'm a big fan of using Wise System Monitor for Windows because this program lets me monitor the status of my computer in real time. Not only does it generate a comprehensive list of running processes for me, but it also identifies all of the users and systems associated with those processes too. Moreover, it allows me to terminate processes that are creating unnecessary background noise on my computer.
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