Free Internet Window Washer

by Eusing Software

a quick install and easy to read GUI for deleting any custom folders and includes settings for Office and various browsers

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Eusing Software

Release: Free Internet Window Washer 4.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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It is free but suggests I register it with the publisher by submitting an email, through the pop-up window, that I can dismiss, or register later in the menu button. The GUI is simple and square and small. It comes with a TEST Now button. Then the Task button, Remove-Item, or Remove All. Before testing, I need to select some Wash settings. This includes a similar pop-up window of the Main GUI but an entirely new window, with checkboxes for Recent Documents, Start-Run, Temporary Files, Memory Dumps, Chkdsk File Fragments, and things like Windows Log Files. Only Start Run requires a reboot, it says. It has an entire section for Microsoft Office, and this seems helpful. The online help seems good, but it's the old style that has that Window GUI that launches with a node of tree items.

Also, the GUI seems a little old because the Chat messenger wash settings include apps, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger. But it does have Microsoft Edge browser and other browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera settings it can clean. The Custom window is nice, but trying to add a Registry to clean is not obvious. It opens Regedit, but it doesn't seem to link to it. So I manually copy and paste a registry key that, to me, looks safe to remove. But let's see if it checks and tests it first. Does it let me manually approve the final wash? Within the custom window, it also has a really cool wildcard feature. I can specify *.txt to delete all and only the text files within the folder I select. This seems really cool. The GUI says, "Delete this folder" OR "Delete files in this folder (use wildcard match), for example, *.txt. The default is just *. I must give a name to my custom definition and then check it to be washed. It then shows me a list in the main window that is going to be run. Clicking Test Now gives some counts for each item. Edge browser cookies have 194 items with a size of 1,598 KBytes of 1.6MB. Nothing for Chkdsk fragments. 2 items for Microsoft Paint, but they have 0 sizes, perhaps related to taking Screenshots. Nothing for Memory dumps. Not sure what they mean by that. My custom wash returned 3 items, but it should only return 1 item. I set it to .rtf files, and it should ignore my other 2 txt files. It appears the Custom Wash rule I set, doesn't cycle through nested folders. This seems to be a problem. It didn't find the RTF file unless I clicked down into the folder where it resides. Yeah, I tested it again, it doesn't seem to have a setting to search nested folders.

Going back to Edge Browser, it did find 370 items for Visited URL history, and it has 340KB space, maybe not much saving there. I click Wash Now. It gives me a warning. I wonder what the Remove the item and Remove all buttons do? It ran fairly quickly but did take about 6 seconds. Remove the item, and Remove all are for what I want to wash. It does have a cool View History so I can see my Edge URLs and cookies in a nice list view.

The schedule can run every 15 minutes, and perhaps this is good if I want to test logins, or each time Windows starts, or every 8 hours. It seems nothing longer than this. I do not know what the Boss Key is but seems related to browsers. I can put a password on this Free Internet Window washer 4.0 software as well. I think this will be useful for QA & development testing to easily clear out folders from applications, AppData folders, and installs. I do not know what Erase Internet Explorer Index.dat Files is. There is nothing in the Index search help about BOSS. The uninstall requires a reboot.

great for testing software and scheduling deletions of data that you need gone

  • Has a Custom window where I can select exactly what files and registry entries I want to erase
  • Schedule erasing of files
  • Has specific settings to clean out Microsoft Office data.
  • Also, it works with IM chat programs and Outlook Express.
  • Can be secured by requiring a password to open the application
  • Can erase Windows registry
I have used this program for years. This window washer program seems to be the only one left around since web root stopped making their pay version. I does an excellent job of clearing off anything from your computer that leaves traces of your browsing history or identity. It can be adjusted to bleach over your deleted items so they are un-retrievable. There is NO advertising or back door spyware. This program doesn't wash deleted e-mail like web roots pay version did. It can take a while to clean if you have been on the internet long or haven't used the program regularly, but it does a thorough job. I would highly recommend this program unless you can find another one out there that is a pay program and washes deleted e-mail.
Free Internet Window Washer for Windows is a free software one can be able to download from the internet and it is mainly used to clear past browsing history and also it clears any traces of online activity. It helps also in creating space in the system by free up any browser history that has been saved in the system. The software is compatible with any system operating on windows7,8 and 10 with a 32 or 64 bit system.
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