WO Mic

by Wolicheng Tech

Unique program that allows you to use your phone as a mic

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Wolicheng Tech

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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WO mic for windows allows you to use your iPhone or any other phone as a microphone for your PC or laptop. This allows you to not have to buy a microphone for your PC and just use your iPhone as an external microphone without any hassle, this product and software will allow you to have fun with your computer and use your phone as a microphone. There's no cost involved at all, you can simply use it whenever you want and however you want. It's very intuitive and doesn't require any outside tech knowledge to get it running up either. This can be used on any program on your PC that uses a microphone, so if you're outside on your laptop and u have your phone next to you, you can use your phone for a microphone on your laptop! free of charge and very simple to navigate and set up. There's barely any lag or anything, the speed is fast and concise and it's very fluent and sounds great, so you can just have a phone and a PC and u can use it as a microphone for any application you might desire! It automatically connects to your PC when you start it as well, so you don't have to do that either, it's a great little fun program.


  • easy to use
  • lag free
  • free to use
  • the wireless mic on the phone!

the conclusion is that WO mic for windows is simple yet effective in making your phone your microphone for your computer or laptop, you can use it anywhere where there is a laptop or computer so if you're at the library, you can use it, or if you're at home and want to talk to some friends but don't have a mic for your pc you can use a phone for it!

Use phone as microphone
WO Mic for windows is user friendly, it takes a bit of patience and thinking power to go through some youtube tutorial to set up, but other that it is hands-down amazing! I have saved so much of money because of this app , the whole concept of turning your phone into another device's microphone is absolutely genius
The WO Mic for Windows is an application designed by Microsoft to help you flawlessly transcribe your speech to your computer. When speaking, your voice will be automatically transferred and captured onto your drive.
Wo Mic is a free microphone app that runs on your phone and PC. It is possible to use your Android device as a microphone. It works just like a real microphone.
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