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You can create easy to use courses in minutes with the new Adobe Captivate

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Adobe Captivate is a software that is designed to create high quality learning materials. It provides fast and easy creation of training materials, courses and corporate training. Thanks to the fact that you can use different types of content, and effectively edit them, you will get from Adobe Captivate high flexibility and efficiency. Images, graphics, animation effects, videos - all this can be used in one project.

Add interactive simulations, software demonstrations, branching scenarios, and other interactive content to your training programs without the need for programming.

This application will help you create training materials faster and in fewer steps, thanks to an intuitive interface, the combination of multiple workflows, and many features that save time.

Adobe Captivate allows for the fast, easy creation and editing of high-quality, interactive learning materials.

- optimized interface. The new interface will allow you to perform operations faster and speed up the overall workflow. This will be facilitated by the Property Inspector, working with several documents, and personalizing the entire interface;

- the styles of objects. Identify styles and apply them to specific objects for quick and consistent formatting throughout the project;

- Master Slides. Use Master Slides to quickly create and maintain stable, formatted content that meets corporate requirements;

- the effects of animation. Adobe Captivate provides the ability to make rich animations for objects by combining the available effects, such as movement in a straight line, rotation, or movement in a straight line. For added solidity, you can import the animation effects of their Adobe Flash® Professional;

- support for video and its synchronization with content. Import video in a variety of formats (AVI, MOV, FLV, MPEG) and synchronize it with your project, slides, or slideshow;

- project placement on Post finished projects, or projects that are still under development on, online on Adobe CS Live, and share them with your target audience or colleagues. They will be available virtually from anywhere on the planet;

- analysis and reporting system. The Adobe Captivate analysis system satisfies the main needs in analyzing the effectiveness of training materials. You will be able to monitor the statistics of successful or slow test take-down by students;

- community help. With the success of Adobe Captivate, you will have access to a large number of training and reference materials that have been created by Adobe or the user community;

- Twitter widget. Use Adobe's Twitter widget to create courses that allow them to communicate with each other and with the author through their Twitter accounts. They will be able to ask questions and receive answers and join existing discussions;

- a library of useful content. Get a large library of valuable content with Adobe Captivate. This includes widgets, skins, animations, text headers, and buttons.

Provides interactive, multimedia-rich eLearning content creation.
Supports responsive design for different device screens.
Offers a variety of templates and assets.

High cost makes it less accessible for small businesses or individuals.
Steep learning curve for beginners to fully utilize features.
Limited customization options compared to other eLearning tools.
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Adobe Captivate allows users to create interactive eLearning content with ease.
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Adobe Captivate is a software that allows users to create interactive e-learning content, simulations and quizzes with ease. Its main features include responsive design, drag-and-drop authoring, screen recording, customizable templates, advanced quizzing, and multi-device publishing. It also offers options for adding multimedia and interactivity to e-learning courses, including adding audio and video, branching scenarios, and interactive simulations. Additionally, it supports SCORM, AICC, and Tin Can API standards for seamless integration with Learning Management Systems.
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