Total Text Container

by Solar Model

An encrypted XML database to store content of all types

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Solar Model

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The Total Text Container is a windows program that acts as a personal information manager. It supports a wide array of data types ranging from rich text, spreadsheets, URLs, passwords, contacts, images, and more. The content is stored within an encrypted XML database which makes viewing all the content and related information easy and efficient. The base platform to run the Total Text Container is WinNT, Win2k, or WinXP. The program writes directly to an application folder and allows for partial Unicode support within the content of the document but not within the document filenames. It comes with a freeware license and can be easily downloaded via a ZIP package and then extracted to a folder or destination of your choice. To run the Total Text Container, simply run the TotalText.exe file found within your extracted files. 

The Total Text Container is, however, still within its beta testing phase. Some users have reported software issues however the overall rating received has been quite positive. This storage method proves to be an essential member of the Productivity category and once refined will become an invaluable asset in any team. Because the items stored within the database are all capable of supporting a mashup of various data and content types, you are able to not only store these items but also view all of them with ease. Whether it be a spreadsheet, perhaps a calendar event, all the way to a catalog entry, Total Text Container is built to handle them all. 

Currently, there is a 32-bit download available for use and it will give you the ability to experience the usefulness of the Total Text Container. If you need a way to store and archive your data, look no further.

Allows you to have a personal storage that supports all data types and is easily accessible

  • Database Functions
  • Encryption for security 
  • Supports all data types
  • Easily view and manipulate the content



I love using Total Text Container for Windows because this program makes it really convenient to perform a variety of office tasks, since it provides word processing capabilities, code editors, and a spreadsheet application on a single platform. It also allows you the ability to manage your contacts and calendar directly from the application, which are two features I find particularly useful.
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