The Holy Bible King James Version

by The Bible King James Edition

A best Holy Bible English translation with ease of use features

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King James Bible is an application designed to help users get closer to God. The version of the Bible is mostly referred to as King James Version, popular called KJV Bible. The application contains a complete Bible compiled by King James sometimes called the Authorized Version.

The King James Bible or KJV, is undoubtedly an English translation completely done by the well-known Church of England in order to spread the message of God to English speakers. The Christian Bible was translated completely within eight years from 1604 to 1611 in England. The period of translation showed rigorous tasks done by a group of learned Christians in preserving the Holy Bible. There are many updates of the digital version of KJV and the latest version was released in December 2020.

The King James Bible application is a totally free app for Windows computers which provides the users easy access to the Word of their Lord Jesus digitally. The digital copy of the King James Bible version is devoid of any contradiction to a hardcopy of the KJV Holy Bible. The app simplifies the use of the Bible by including two major useful navigation tools that make it easy for users to jump to any chapter or verse they desire.

The King James Version also has a lightweight application that possesses a book-like interface for users, especially, those who are more used to their paper Bible. Flipping of pages is also made one of the features of the lightweight type of the app with the use of an inclusive two keys for page flipping.

Generally, the KJV is widely accepted as one of the best types of Holy Bible translations in English. The digital version of the Bible provides you with more simplicity and ease in the use of your favorite English translation of the Bible, the KJV, with other features such as search and index.

Grants access to complete translation of KJV Holy Bible digitally

  • Digital reading of the Holy Bible
  • Gives you a detailed index along with the content of the Bible
  • Ease jump from one verse to another or chapter to another chapter
  • Easy flipping of pages
  • Gives a book-like interface for those accustomed to book
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