by Jeff Backus

Mapping keystrokes and user control patterns into a gamepad

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Jeff Backus

Release : AntiMicro 2.23

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This download allows the user to convert controls from keyboard keys and mouse devices into gamepad keystroke commands. This is a graphical program that is used to map the functions of the applicable controls from peripheral or other compatible controlling devices. This allows the user to decide what kind of accessibility and game control they're most comfortable with. While this is a compatible part of the compatible operating systems, it can work in tandem with other applications. 


  • The function is lead by source code, so the application is very easy to use and modify for users that believe that know what's best for them and their needs for pc accessibility and program use. 
  • The program doesn't have to be used with raw source code, it can simply be downloaded in a file. This makes the process easier for users who don't know advanced programming skills or understand how to edit source codes. 
  • The program can work with Linux operating systems, which makes it easier for a person who doesn't want to run their personal computer on windows or Mac operating system. With Linux, the download process is very similar, but may require a certain amount of knowledge when it comes to editing or changing the location or format of downloaded source code. 
  • The program allows all people to take advantage of the benefits. It is not only good for a single type of person, and works best with a gaming environment. 

While gaming is what this is intended for, the program can be used for the accessibility needs of any person with a personal computer that has a compatible operating system. Its meant to make the use of a computer better for everyone and is helping to make the internet a more user-friendly and compatible place for all people. 

using a gamepad instead of multiple controllers and keyboard devices.
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jessica lynn diehm

Antimicro is a graphical program that is used to map the functions of the applicable controls from peripheral or other compatible controlling devices. This allows you the user to decide what kind of accessibility and game control they're most comfortable with. While this is a compatible part of the compatible operating systems, it can work in tandem with other application.Antimicro download allows you to convert controls from keyboard keys and mouse devices into gamepad keystroke commands.The program allows all people to take advantage of the benefits. It is not only good for a single type of person, and works best with a gaming environment.
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Nikhil V.

Antimicro is a popular program used by a lot of people today. It assists with the gameplay experience for new players. It can map the keyboard and mouse control keys to an external gamepad. Third-party gamepads are supported. Be sure to download the Antimicro program and use it for people that love to play games. It's a PC program that has seen some widespread use so far among game players. But it can also be installed on the Linux or OS for those interested. That will add to the overall utility for the Antimicro program over time. Reviews for Antimicro are coming in quickly among new users. People want to voice their opinion about the program as they see fit. The reviews shed a little light on how Antimicro will be working for people. Antimicro is well-reviewed by the leading fans of it. People want to show some support for Antimicro and that adds to the incredible new options that people can explore. The program is helpful and has garnered praise from the general community these days. Feel free to write new reviews about Antimicro and help it become a success over time. The cost will appeal to a lot of people. It is actually free for use and that helps new people learn more details. The program is already being used by a lot of people today. That adds to the overall fun that people can enjoy with the game.
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AntiMicro for Windows is a tool that lets you map your gamepad to any keys on your computer keyboard. You can also map mouse controls. It's a must-have if you consider yourself to be a PC gamer whose current gamepad doesn't already feature existing gamepad support. Using AntiMicro, you'll be able to manage your desktop application of choice using your gamepad.
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a graphical tool that tracks your keyboard and mouse while you are playing in order to allow you to get better
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AntiMicro is a program that is a great asset for gamers. The program allows you to map certain keys and mouse controls to a game pad to make it easier for you to play your favorite games. Users should note, however, that some games don't allow the use of programs such as AntiMicro. They consider it to be a form of cheating and you might get banned from the game for using it.
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Antimicro for windows is a graphical program to map keyboard and mouse into a gamepad.really great tool to use for gaming purpose and wanna loving it like anything. Got one for my kid and He used like it anything. its a opensource application and kinda a cool for any gamelovers.
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This did exactly what i was looking for, which was to make PC applications think my cheap Bluetooth gamepad controller was an Xbox style controller (Xinputs). Works with games like GTA, Retro Arch emulators, God of war, plus game streaming like shadow and minecraft. Thanks team.
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I really liked how easy this software has improved my game play and made my gaming so much more enjoyable. Being able to map out exactly all the keys and put it in a format that really makes it easy to understand is a very nice upgrade. The software was easy to install and quick to get to work on my gaming set up. I really think every gamer should have it.
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I love using AntiMicro for Windows because it's a program that makes it really easy to map the keys that are built into my keyboard over to a gamepad. I an also use it to do the same for my mouse controls. If you're a gamer, you should definitely check this program out, especially if your gamepad lacks support that is built directly in.
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Utilizing this with different regulators is astonishing and simple to utilize, yet one major defect with Windows 10 with a PS4 regulator is that Windows continues to attempt to surpass control. I wish there was a way I can supersede the windows 10 local help with this program all things being equal
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This is a great product to provide flexibility for any kind of PC gameplay controls. Not all games I've purchased on Steam let me customize my own keyboard controls and gamepad controls, but this lets you do both on any kind of PC game. Also lets you saved your commonly used configurations for later as well, a worthwhile purchase overall!
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this graphical program is made for a game pad to map key board keys and mouse controls. Playing pc games is why this is use full for the game players to play who do not have a key pad built in to there computers. So for gamers who want to play and are limited because of not having a key pad this x enviroment will help them still be able to run a keyboard on an x enviroment.
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I used this for my gaming experience. I wanted to map my keys on my keyboard mouse to my gamer control and I did and it would amazing. it was easy to use although it did take a while for me to set up and go through the process. It was very annoying for a while but one it is all setup and ready to go, it is fantastic at doing the job.
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Antimirco helps in mapping gamepad to the PC. It helps to map any keyboard command to gamepad using mouse, which helps is less time setup for each game for which you are playing. It also gives many options which might not come initially and very easy to setup. The User Experience is awesome, just assign the button from the keyboard or mouse the the controller. It helps controller to customize for the different game which is suitable for the player and the change is also a click away, you can save the configuration which you can load for different game or different play styles.
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Aaron M.

AntiMicro is an open source software program used to map keyboard and mouse controls to gamepad/joystick controllers. It is designed to be used in place of a mouse and keyboard for playing games, and allows users to customize the controller layout for their specific needs.
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Oscar Malkasian

I recently used AntiMicro software to be able to map gaming controllers to keyboard and mouse inputs. The overall setup was very easy and straight-forward. The user interface was intuitive and the hotkey bindings were very easy to set up. The software was also able to save multiple profiles, which was a great feature for different gaming scenarios. I also noticed that AntiMicro had some advanced button mapping features, like allowing for the creation of macros. Furthermore, the application worked well on my Windows 10 system and I did not experience any lag or stuttering in the process. I did find that the software was not as intuitive to use when making more intricate changes to the settings. However, the user manual was very helpful and provided
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Muhammad Schudel

I have been using the AntiMicro software for a while now and it has been a great help to me. It has allowed me to easily map my gaming peripherals to my computer and customize them to my liking. The interface is intuitive and easy to use, allowing me to make quick changes. I also appreciate its portability, as it’s lightweight and runs on multiple platforms. It’s free and open source, so it’s great for budget-conscious users. I like that it supports many different types of gamepads, keyboards and mice. The program is also regularly updated, which is great for those that want to stay up to date. Overall, it's been a great tool for me and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an easy to use gamepad mapper.
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Jackson M********v

AntiMicro software is a great tool for mapping keyboard and mouse inputs to a game controller. It is easy to use, and the interface is intuitive. I had no trouble getting it to recognize my controller and map buttons. The software also has a lot of options for setting up custom inputs. The only issue I encountered was that it was not compatible with all games.
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Carter E*******s

I've been using AntiMicro for a few weeks now and so far I'm happy with it. It's a great tool for mapping controls and customizing your gaming experience.
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Blair C********z

I've been using AntiMicro for a while, and it's pretty intuitive and easy to use. It's especially helpful for complex keybindings that I need to use in games!
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Aaron C.

AntiMicro software is a useful tool for mapping gamepad controls to keyboard and mouse inputs, but it can be a bit tricky to set up and customize for individual games.
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Angus P.

AntiMicro software is a free and open source program that allows users to map keyboard and mouse buttons to gamepad buttons, making it useful for gamers who prefer gamepads over traditional keyboard and mouse controls.
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