by Jeff Backus

Mapping keystrokes and user control patterns into a gamepad

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Jeff Backus

Release: AntiMicro 2.23

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.9870

This download allows the user to convert controls from keyboard keys and mouse devices into gamepad keystroke commands. This is a graphical program that is used to map the functions of the applicable controls from peripheral or other compatible controlling devices. This allows the user to decide what kind of accessibility and game control they're most comfortable with. While this is a compatible part of the compatible operating systems, it can work in tandem with other applications. 


  • The function is lead by source code, so the application is very easy to use and modify for users that believe that know what's best for them and their needs for pc accessibility and program use. 
  • The program doesn't have to be used with raw source code, it can simply be downloaded in a file. This makes the process easier for users who don't know advanced programming skills or understand how to edit source codes. 
  • The program can work with Linux operating systems, which makes it easier for a person who doesn't want to run their personal computer on windows or Mac operating system. With Linux, the download process is very similar, but may require a certain amount of knowledge when it comes to editing or changing the location or format of downloaded source code. 
  • The program allows all people to take advantage of the benefits. It is not only good for a single type of person, and works best with a gaming environment. 

While gaming is what this is intended for, the program can be used for the accessibility needs of any person with a personal computer that has a compatible operating system. Its meant to make the use of a computer better for everyone and is helping to make the internet a more user-friendly and compatible place for all people. 

using a gamepad instead of multiple controllers and keyboard devices.

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