by Laurent Destailleur

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Laurent Destailleur

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AWStats is a WEB, FTP, and mail server log analyzer with the ability to generate reports in graphical and HTML format.

Most servers, such as Apache, store detailed statistics on visits, requests and transitions from different sites. If the server settings allow, you can configure AWStats to receive data about visited pages, keywords from the search engines by which the site was found, advanced information about visitors (browser, operating system, etc.), as well as problems with pages, broken links, periods of maximum load, and the most visited parts of the site.

Unlike most of the services for collecting statistical data provided by popular search engines, to work with AWStats you will not need to embed JS-scripts into your pages, just install the program and specify the path to LOG-files, and if necessary, configure additional options.

For an inexperienced user, AWStats may seem a bit complicated, since all interaction with the program is carried out via the command line or the CGI interface. In defense of the program we can say that it is enough to set it up and forget it once. Reports can be received for a day, week or month.

- Analysis of system logs of web servers and generation of reports based on them;

- plugin support;

- Fast handling of large Log files;

- support for Apache, WebStar, ISS and others;

- support for proxy, WAP, mail and FTP logs.

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