Breakaway Audio Enhancer


Automatically adjust the sounds for Peak Performance of whatever source you are listening to

Operating system: Windows


Release: Breakaway Audio Enhancer 1.40.03

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The Breakaway audio enhancer automatically adjusts the sound and sound quality for whatever you are listening to. For instance, if you are listening to a video on YouTube, but then switch to listening to a song on Spotify, you don't have to adjust any of the sound options in order to get the best quality sound. Breakaway audio enhancer will do that for you. It will give you the optimum listening experience no matter what media player you might be using. the audio plug-in also shows you the changes it is making in real time. the Breakaway audio enhancer has the following features:


  • It uses multiband Dynamic processing.
  • It corrects song to song volume shifts.
  • It makes sounds louder and they hit harder.
  • It automatically adjusts volume Dynamics and spectral balancing.

The Breakaway audio enhancer is also cheap. The Breakaway audio enhancer is also available for all versions of windows.  With this software, you no longer have to buy separate audio enhancement software for your media players. Everything will sound great, from podcasts and internet radio to YouTube videos and downloaded movies, everything will have a smooth and standardized sound.  the Breakaway audio enhancer, provided by claesson Edwards audio, is a very popular software amongst computer users. It has already garnered nearly half a million downloads at and has a four star overall rating.  It provides the same kind of audio quality that professional DJ's use, as well.  If you are looking to enahnce your audio listening experience with less hassle, then you should definitely give the Breakaway Audio Enhancer a try.    

With Breakaway audio enhancer you no longer have to adjust the audio from software to software. It does it automatically

Compatible with Windows.  

JoAnne Malone
The Breakaway Audio Enhancer allows the listener to enjoy smooth, consistent sound from platform to platform without having to constantly readjust your audio settings. Breakaway Audio Enhancer gives you the best listening experience possible no matter what you're listening to.
Elle Jay
This program is great for music lovers. It basically allows you to save audio settings on your computer, so that if you are switching from one app to another it keeps your volume and levels the same. This way, if you are switching from Youtube to Spotify, your levels will remain the same as your preferences have indicated. Great idea!
I like the fact that you no longer have to buy seperate audio softwares because the breakaway audio enhancer works for all media players. Plus its inexpensive which makes it affordable for everyone.
This tool would be great for any user beginner included. It will enhance your audio! This would be highly likable for someone working from home or gamers.
Archie Elizondo
The Breakaway Audio Enhancer for Windows appears to be a basic application for audio enhancement processing for Windows 8 and Windows 10. The Breakaway Audio Enhancer do not have a lot of great unique features since some of it is pretty limited. However, one of the major ones that will catch someone's eye is the detailed correction from song-to-song volume shifts and over driven speakers. Basically, if the recorded audio is too loud to hear or enjoy the rest of the song, then this program will make the appropriate adjustments to make it sound qualifying as much as possible.
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