Movie Torrent

by GoodKatShare

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: GoodKatShare

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.43377

Movie Torrent & mdash; is a program that is built on new technology with a more convenient concept of easy and secure information exchange.

It is a powerful and reliable application that is ideal for searching, downloading and sharing any kind of files. With the help of this program you can not only exchange movies, music, programs, etc., but also very quickly find them on the Internet.

Movie Torrent also works with Bittorrent, can upload files in several streams, can put uploaded files in a queue, the program can group selected for downloading files, it can quickly restore interrupted downloads of files, has a cash buffer, allows you to limit the speed of downloading files, can display the ports used on the screen, supports work through a proxy and can filter ip-addresses.

At any time you will be able to see the download progress, which is displayed in a detailed diagram showing the process of performing any actions. Moreover, at the same time you will be able to stay in touch with your friends and make new ones by clicking the send-to-friend button (sending a friendship request).

You will also be able to set the download priority and limit both the upload speed and the download speed.

There are the following plugins in the program

Distributed DB & mdash; is designed to support decentralized tracker, disabling this feature will reduce your ability to download information

Decentralized tracker - detects only normal torrents, but only when their trackers are not available

LAN peer finder & mdash; allows you to copy information from a huge number of music torrents, even if you have an access security system and from a regular network

Updating plugins & mdash; makes it easy to find and install updated extensions

- the possibility of limiting the download speed;

- a single program that supports all torrents;

- provides the cache buffer of the disk drive, the function of speed limitation, the function of file exchange (the ability to download and upload any information), supports a proxy server and the ability to communicate between people who share files.

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